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Microbial Extraction SOD Superoxide Dismutase 500000iu/g

Product Description
microbial extraction health-care products SOD Superoxide Dismutase 500000iu / g

Product Details

1. what is Superoxide Dismutase?

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects while
offering environmental protection to you skin. Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is an
enzymatic antioxidant well known for its role in neutralizing the superoxide free
radical. It has widely been proven that SOD has the ability to protect against the
damaging effects of the environment to strengthen the skin’s immunity. SOD, a free
radical scavenger, balances out the number of excess radicals, ultimately
protecting the skin from unnecessary damage. It soothes the skin and helps combat
against photoaging, evening out the skin complexion, leaving the skin looking
healthy, radiant and translucent.

2. Still not sure what it is and why to use it?

Superoxide dismutase is the most powerful antioxidant enzyme in the body. SOD is
your first line of defence against radical damage from environmental (or even
internal) stressors. Meaning it protects your skin and strengthen its immune
system. It is the first roadblock that free radicals encounter when attempting to
cause skin damage. Think of it as your surveillance system. As soon SOD notices
that free radicals – unstable atoms that cause skin cell damage and accelerate
pre-mature ageing – are on the horizon, superoxide dismutase puts up the barrier
to protect the cells from the attack. It breaks down the free radicals into less
destructive molecules (hydrogen peroxide and oxygen). This sets the stage for other
enzymatic antioxidants to finish the elimination process. And if it weren’t for
this alarm, the other antioxidants in your body wouldn’t even come to the rescue
nearly as fast.

3. Why to add superoxide dismutase into your skincare routine?
Superoxide dismutase production significantly declines with age[1], and to top it
off, getting older means that free radical formation is at an all-time high. Thus
we need to give our skin a helping hand to keep its immune system in attack and
keep this first line of defence strong. Therefore, incorporating superoxide
dismutase into your skincare routine will not stop free radicals to attack, but SOD
will stop them and maintain your healthy complexion.

By protecting your skin from free radical damage, superoxide dismutase prevents
visible signs of ageing. Even better, it helps repair signs of ageing. It does this
by promoting a youthful complexion[2], encouraging resilient skin. It also fights
hyperpigmentation[3] from sun damage, age spots, and acne marks, for an even-toned
complexion. Overall, it’s supports to keep your skin‘s immune system strong.

Product name SOD Superoxide Dismutase
CAS No 9054-89-1
Purity 99%
PH 4~11
Protein content 85%
Application Health-care Products
Certificate Food production license, HALAL CERTIFICATE(Certificate
Test Method GB/T 5009.171-2003 first method
Grade Food Grade
Sample Availiable
Shelf life 2 years
Microbial Extraction SOD Superoxide Dismutase 500000iu/g
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