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MK Module Series

The performance of MK module series supercaps
Kamcap supercapacitor energy storage module with protection circuit, good
stability and high conversion efficiency. The voltage and capacity of the super
capacitor are improved by series and parallel connection, and it has a good
application prospect in the automotive field and energy storage field.

Increase the use voltage of the product by connecting the supercapacitor cells
in series to form a module product through advanced processes and components.

The typical application of MK module series supercaps
The MK module series supercaps can be widely udes in vehicle start, power
distribution terminal (including DTU, FTU, TTU), industrial backup power
supply, fault indicator, medical equipment, etc.

Following are the detailed specification of this type of supercaps. If you need
to know the ultracapacitor price, please make enquires via

The specification sheet of MK module series supercaps:

Power terminal voltage Rated voltage
VR Surge voltage Capacity range Operating temperature range Product
3.3~5V 5.4V 5.4V 10~200F -40 ~ +65℃
-40 ~ +70℃
-40 ~ +85℃ Normal temperature cycle life: 25℃,1 million cycles between
VR and 1/2VR,Capacity attenuation ≤ 30%, ESR ≤ 3 times.
High temperature endurance life:70℃,maintainVR, 1000 hours.
Capaci , ty attenuation ≤ 30%, ESR ≤ 3 times.
6~7.5V 8V 8.1V 6~133F
9V 10V 10.8V 0.5~117F
12V 12.5V 12.5 4~80F
13.5V 13.5V 4~80F
15V 15V 3~500F
16V 16.2 3~500F
24V 27V 27 2~300F
30V 32 1~250F
48V 48V 48.6 1~165F
50V 54 1~150F
60V 64 1~125F
100V 100V 105 1~75F
120V 125V 130 1~62F
Typical Application
Series Application range Instance
SP, LR, HP, HT Backup power RAM、Detonator, car recorder, smart meter,
vacuum switch, digital camera, motor drive, clock circuit, UPS, toy, program-
controlled switch, etc.
SE, HP, HE Energy storage Water meter, electricity meter, gas meter, UPS,
security equipment, computer memory, communication equipment
SE Coin type, HE Energy storage Flashlights, water meters, gas meters,
taillights, small appliances, etc.
HP、LR High power support Wind power, locomotive start, ignition,
electric vehicles, etc.
MK Backup power
High current operation Electrified railway, smart grid control, hybrid
vehicle, wireless transmission, rail power system
KAMCAP is one of the earliest supercapacitor manufacturer in China to develop
supercaps, we provide supercap power module, supercap module, ultra capacitor
module, 12v ultracapacitor moduleultra, cap module, supercap 24v, 12v super
capacitor module, supercaps in series and etc. Want to know more? Please
contact us.

Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

MK Module Series
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