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Contact: Mr. Green Lu
Yipeng Industrial Part, 2 Xingli Road, Yixing, Jiangsu, 214200, China
Yongxing 214200
Phone: 18051955970
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Date/Time:  10/26/21 7:38 GMT

Multi Rotors 2000m 7KG Industrial Grade Drone For Police Security Traffic M

Multi-rotors Industrial Drone Used for Police Security, Traffic Monitoring,
Site Survey, Eergency Treatment

Multi Rotors 2000m 7KG Industrial Grade Drone For Police Security Traffic
Monitoring Site Survey Eergency Treatment 0


1. This is a high-end for police security, traffic monitoring, site
investigation, emergency response, search and rescue, border and territorial
water monitoring, large-scale event security inspection, oil pipeline
inspection, power inspection, damage assessment, aerial photography, etc.
UAV products. The normal take-off weight of the drone is 7kg, and the
maximum endurance time is more than 60 minutes.

2. Compared with the traditional electric four-rotor UAV, it has a lift body
design. And the UAV has the advantages of convenient use and maintenance,
stable performance, low temperature resistance and other harsh environments
and easy to carry; compared with fixed-wing UAVs, this product has vertical
take-off and landing, hovering in the air, simple take-off and landing, and
easy to use. Fast and other advantages. It can be widely used in
investigation and monitoring, traffic monitoring, power inspection, forest
fire prevention, etc.

3. The pod is located at the front of the body structure and forms an
integral streamlined mechanism with the body, which has good aerodynamics
and long flight time.

4. Integrated integrated ground station, which integrates computer,
controller and image transmission, can be operated by one hand, and can be
carried by one person

5. Modular plug-in design, short deployment time and quick start-up, which
can meet the needs of rapid target reconnaissance in emergency handling

Flight platform

Type of UAV 4 rotors industrial drone
Wheelbase 1220mm
Size 980x930x240mm
Maximum take-off weight 7.0kgs
Maximum load weight 1.5kgs
Propeller sizs 26inches
Maximum relative flight altitude 2000m
Maximum wind resistance rating level 6
Maximum take-off altitude 4500 m
Normal operating temperature range -20~50℃
Maximum sailing hours per sortie Max 60 min

Navigation and flight control

Navigation GPS
Take off and landing mode
Autonomous navigation

Waypoint navigation

Multi Rotors 2000m 7KG Industrial Grade Drone For Police Security Traffic M
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