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Birmingham UK
United Kingdom
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Date/Time:  4/25/24 10:38 GMT

Nano 2 Ml TPD Vape Pod Small Smart Vape Pre-filled Recharge

In the earlier days,UK HMRC and Border Force’s new illicit tobacco strategy
is hot news.
UK government is going to ban disposable vape device in whole country.
As a Encourage smoking cessation country.
UK allows refillable vape and pod replaceable vape in market.
In this way, environmental protection got a nice resolution.
Coolplay as famous brand in UK.
We follow the new rule and make a series design.
Nano vape pod device is a great idea for UK vape law.
It has replaceable pod.
The battery is rechargeable.
And also replaceable.
Magnet connect pod and battery device.
1. Ideal combination of aesthetics and convenience.
Crafted with user convenience in mind, this lightweight device boasts a
well-shaped slimline design, ensuring both easy portability and ergonomic
comfort. Its transparent and modern appearance, offered in a range of
vibrant colors, adds an extra touch of professionalism and sophistication
2. Advanced straw drip tip for cooler, hygienic vaping.
Our innovative straw drip tip design offers a cooler and more comfortable
vaping experience while minimizing spitback for a cleaner, hygienic
3. Affordable and Accessible pod system.
Free from any worries about vape juice depletion or disposable waste. The
Coolplay Smart Nano allows you to effortlessly replace empty pods and resume
vaping within seconds. Its magnetic connection guarantees a seamless
and secure pod fit, delivering peace of mind with every puff.
4. Recyclable and Eco-Friendly.
The vape's easily removable battery supports efficient classification and
recycling, reducing environmental impact while promoting sustainability.
5. Cost-effective with 10 premium flavors.
6. Rechargeable for Continuous Enjoyment.
With our reliable Type-C cable, charging is quick and effortless, whether
you're on the move or prefer avoiding the hassle of battery changes.
Stay confidently in control with this vape, ensuring uninterrupted vaping
7. Rapid Heating and Flavorful Clouds.
Equipped with a highly efficient mesh coils setup, this device guarantees a
rapid heating speed and generates dense clouds of vapor. Every exhale is
bursting with flavor, inviting vapers to discover the intricate layers of
e-liquids. Heating spead 30%-50%.
8. Real-Time Monitoring, Colorful Display.
Crafted with user experience in mind, this intelligent vape showcases a
shell with a digital screen, offering instant battery level monitoring for
peace of mind. Its dynamic display immerses you in vibrant hues, enriching
vaping delight.
9. Responsible Vaping with Child Lock Feature
Featuring a convenient top-of-the-pod child safety lock, activated or
deactivated by pressing the button five times, ensuring a secure option
for families and homes with little ones
Product type Pre-filled, non refillable Pod
Weight 47.93g
Type of coils Mesh Coil
E-liquid volume 2ml for 600 puffs
Battery capacity 550 mAh
Resistance 1 Ω
Voltage 5V
Material PC & ABS
Charging Port Type-C
Company bases UK

Minimum Order: 1000 pieces

Nano 2 Ml TPD Vape Pod Small Smart Vape Pre-filled Recharge
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