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Dryzone n2 dry box has a fast recovery time which is important for some
industry demand, especially the Semicon industry. Our N2 cabinets use the
humidity value to control the N2 filling, and they are equipped with
QDN(Nitrogen Saving Module) which could save 40-60% RH N2 compared to
traditional nitrogen dry box, and we could also upgrade your traditional
nitrogen cabinet or dry cabinet with our NC-2 (Nitrogen Controller Module)
to help you save the N2 or dry air if you are in need. Our Dryzone
dry nitrogen box is the perfect solution. Equipped with advanced features
such as low-humidity control, adjustable shelves, and anti-static
protection, this cabinet ensures optimal performance and protection.

Dryzone Nitrogen Desiccator Cabinet
CQS-1200-6 Nitrogen Cabinet

Humidity Range: 1~50%RH, adjustable

Outside Dimension: W1200*D672*H1820MM

Internal Dimension: W1198*D644*H1618MM

Nitrogen Filling Module: QDN*1

Loading Capacity of Shelf: 80 kgs/per shelf

Capacity: 1250L

Shelves: 5 pcs, adjustable

Color: Silver

Structure: SUS 304

Display Precision: ±3%RH;±1°C

Resolution: 0.1%RH; 0.1°C

Power Consumption: Ave. 20W/h; Max. 50W

Dryzone nitrogen cabinet adopts an intelligent FUZZY micro-computer
induction system. After setting the humidity value, the microcomputer will
automatically sense, and when the humidity exceeds, nitrogen will be added.
Otherwise, it will stop N2 filling, which can really achieve the effect of
energy saving. And have the N2 delay filling design when opening the door to
fetch goods, in this way to avoid unnecessary loss of nitrogen, abandon the
traditional use of a real-time controller and magnetic valve to sense the
intake time of the opening and closing door, set a fixed time for N2
filling, tend to cause the loss of N2.

Other than the traditional moisture prevention by using desiccant, you could
also choose the Dryzone nitrogen control cabinet which just fills N2 to
remove the moisture. The principle is the moisture is HO2 which is in the
air, by filling N2 and setting the humidity value in the LED, the nitrogen
will squeeze the air in the nitrogen desiccator cabinet and remove the
humidity in the air and once the humidity reaches your setting value, it
will stop N2 filling. And compare to the traditional dry box cabinet, the
nitrogen control cabinet always has a faster recovery time.

N2 Cabinet Specifications
CQB-315 Nitrogen Cabinet
Outside Dimension: W905*D475*H1050MM

Internal Dimension: W903*D425*H869MM

Capacity: 334L

Shelves: 3shelves

Power Consumption: 55w/h(Ave);150w/h(Max)

Color: Black

ESD Paint: 106~109Ω

N2 Cabinet Specifications
CQS-1200-6 Nitrogen Cabinet
Outside Dimension: W1200*D695*H1820MM

Internal Dimension: W1198*D645*H1618MM

Capacity: 1250L

Shelves: 5 shelves

Power Consumption: 105w/h(Ave);300w/h(Max)

Color: Siver White

Voltage: 230V/110V

Nitrogen Control Cabinet FAQs

What you need to prepare if you buy a dry nitrogen box?

Better to have nitrogen pipe in your factory. If not, ask Dryzone, one of
the pro dry cabinet manufacturers in China, for help.

If I already have a traditional nitrogen cabinet or a N2 dry box made by
other brand, could it be upgraded?

Yes, by adding our NC-2(nitrogen controller module) we could upgrade your
humidity storage cabinet and help you save the N2.

If you already have a Dryzone nitrogen dry storage cabinet, could it be
upgraded to nitrogen cabinet?

Yes, normally all our nitrogen desiccator cabinets will leave some room for
upgrade, just come to us for further info.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

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