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Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer
This product measures the body temperature by collecting the infrared thermal
radiation from the forehead of the target parties.

Product Description
This product measures the body temperature by collecting the infrared thermal
radiation from the forehead of the target parties. Its operation is simple,
fast and accurate. User only needs to point the detector to the forehead of the
target party and press the measuring button to scan the temperature.

Product Features of medical infrared thermometer gun
● High precision infrared sensor, stable and reliable performance.
● Large LCD display with backlight.
● Two temperature units (Celsius and Fahrenheit) are available for selection.
32 memory storage.
● Automatic shutdown for energy saving.

Operating Instructions
● Install battery
In the back of handle, there is a battery cover, pls push the battery cover
forward as the direction of the white arrow, put 2pcs*AAA alkaline batteries
into cover in the right direction of positive and negative electrodes before
use the thermometer.

Specifications of infrared thermometer for humans
Measuring Method Non-contact
Physical storage range 20 sets of memory storage
Resolution 0.1℃ / 0.1℉
Over-temperature warning Buzzer & backlight
Backlight 3 colors backlight
Measuring Range 32 - 43℃
Tolerance Scope 35℃~42℃ within±0.2℃ 35℃~42℃without±0.3℃
Measuring Distance 1-5 cm
Auto Shut Off 15 s
Battery 2xAAA alkaline batteries
Battery Indication Low battery prompt
Size 155x40x40mm
weight 69g

Function Buttons Operations
Scan Temperature Press  to measure temperature
Changing Unit Press button "M"
Changing Unit (℃/℉) Press & hold button "S" for 3 sec
Checking Memory Press "S", then press "M" & "S" to page up and down
LCD Display Measuring Range Color
T<32.0℃ (89.6℉) Green
32℃ (89.6℉)≤T<37.5℃ (99.3℉) Green
37.5℃ (99.3℉)≤T<39℃ (100.5℉) Orange
39.0℃ (100.5℉)≤T<43.9℃ (109.4℉) Red Overheat warning
43.0℃<T (109.4℉) Red Overheat warning

Battery Replacement of non contact temperature gun
1. When LCD screen displays, it implies the battery level is low. Open the
battery compartment cover and replace the batteries.
2. Remarks: Check the battery polarity before installation.

1. Please keep the detector and probe cavity clean before and after use.
2. Please place the thermometer in a stable environment. When the ambient
temperature changes greatly (such as from indoor to outdoor), please leave it
for 10 minutes before next scan.
3. Please do not measure the body temperature immediately after measuring the
temperature of extremely high or low temperature objects. please leave it for
10 minutes before next scan.

1). Don't put the equipment into the liquid or place it where it may fall into
a liquid.
2). Do not place anything on the top of the equipment.
3). Do not use it in areas with aerosols, foams or oxygen.
4). Do not use the equipment outdoors.
5). Do not put foreign matters into the opening or joint of the equipment.
6). Do not let the equipment touch overheated or other untouchable surface.
7). Use the equipment only according to the usage described in the instruction
Non-contact Infrared Thermometer
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