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Non Toxic 3D Casting UV Resistant Epoxy Resin 3:1 For Coating

3D Casting Glass Non-Toxic UV Resistant Epoxy Resin And Hardener 3:1 Or 1:1
Liquid Resin Epoxy For Coating

Epoxy Resin 2467

Non VOC,Non Odour,100% Solid, Solvent Free

Mixing Ratio

A: B = 3:1 (By weight) Curing time
10-12hrs;Can polish after 24-48hrs,(Different thickness will affect the curing

Aorun Epoxy Resin is a two-component transparent epoxy resin potting adhesive
with low viscosity,good fluidity, and easy penetration into the gap of the
product.It can be cured at room temperature or medium temperature, and the
curing speed is fast; after curing, there are no bubbles, the surface is
smooth, and the gloss Good, high hardness The cured product has good acid and
alkali resistance, moisture-proof, waterproof and oil-proof.

This transparent epoxy resin for rough casting or deep casting is "top of the
line", known for its high quality epoxy formulation that can be used in a huge
range of applications, including: - Jewelry, Furniture, Promotional Products,
Trophies, Flower Shows , Artwork of Art, Models Crafting, Decoration,
"Disposable" Niche Products, etc. Quality multifunctional Thick Pour or even we
called Deep Cast Clear Epoxy Resin for all those volumes you use on the job -
And at no extra cost!

Environmental , strong and long-lasting adhesion, good waterproof performance,
fast curing, long service life.

1.Can cure at room temperature or heating curing,
2.Can automatic antifoaming
3.Can automatic leveling
4.Cured without ripples, no bubbles

Items Units/conditions

Technical Data
Viscosity Shore-D 80-85
Volume resistivity 25℃/ Ω./ cm 4.3x1015
Surface resistivity 25℃/ Ω. 2.6x1014
Dielectric strength 25℃ KV/MM 25
Coefficient of linear expansion CM/K <6.1x10-5
Glass transition temperature ℃ >90
Temperature resistant ℃ -60~120

The above performance data is typical data measured in a laboratory environment
with a temperature of 25°C and a humidity of 70%. It is for customer reference
Non Toxic 3D Casting UV Resistant Epoxy Resin 3:1 For Coating
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