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Date/Time:  8/6/22 6:35 GMT

Nonmetallic Compensator

Product Description
The non-metallic compensator is composed of non-metallic skin, thermal
insulation filler, diversion tube, pressure plate and metal structural parts.
Also called non - metal flexible fabric compensator, non - metal expansion
joint. It is a flexible connection used to release pipeline stress and seal
gas medium.
The function of non-metallic compensator:
1. Absorb the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipeline caused by the
temperature difference;
2. The rigidity is low, the reverse thrust generated by the displacement is
very small, and the strength requirements for the support and equipment are
3. Effectively isolate the vibration source equipment, prevent vibration
transmission, avoid resonance, and reduce system noise;
4. The weight of the non-metallic compensator is lighter, and the larger
diameter can be spliced on site. The non-metallic skin and metal components are
mechanically connected. The non-metallic skin and insulation layer can be
replaced easily and quickly on site, which can shorten the system downtime and
reduce Maintenance costs.
Nonmetallic Compensator
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