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Contact: Daniel Liu
Company: Hebei Oushang Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd
The Northwest Corner Of Dazhao Village, Hequ Town
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Date/Time:  12/27/21 8:36 GMT

OS-HM72-525W~550W MONO Half Cell Solar panel

OS-HM72-525W~550W MONO Half Cell Solar panel solar panel suppliers in china
550w solar panel wholesale

TYPE OS-HM72-525W OS-HM72-535W OS-HM72-550W
Rated Maximum Power (Pmax )[W] 525 535 550
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)[V] 49.15 49.45 49.9
Maximum  Power Voltage (Vmp) [V] 41.15 41.41 41.96
Short Circuit Current (Isc) [A] 13.65 13.79 14
Maximum Power Current (Imp) [A] 12.76 12.9 13.11
Maximum system voltage 1500VDC
Junction Box Protection IP67
Cables 4mm2
Connector MC4
Max wind load 2400Pa
Max snow load 5400Pa
Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Power Tolerance ±3%

Company profile
Hebei Oushang Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd has focus on solar panel
production in China since 2014.The auto production is able to supply 3
containers per day. We have shipped thousands of containers of solar panels to
all over the world. Our products are exported to Europe, Middle East, South
America, Southeast Asian and Africa. The factory and products are qualified by
Product description:
Half cell modules have higher power output, better temperature-dependent
performance, less shading effect, and low risk of hot spot. 
Half cell advantage:
Half cell modules consist of half cells that cut from the ordinary whole cell.
One whole sell is cut into two half pieces. Half cell modules have better
performance in partial shadow condition. In half cell panels, the power loss is
less than that in entire cell panel, since the bypass diodes restrict the loss
of power. The by pass diodes creates a substitute path for the current to
travel in the unshaded area instead of passing through the shaded parts.

How half cell modules work:
If an entire solar cell is cut into two half pieces, one half piece produce
half as much current and one fourth resistance of the whole piece. Thus, the
quantity of cells will be double. If they are wired up to work like a full cell
panel, the current will be the same but with half the resistance. The
electrical losses would be less due to the lower resistance.
Cells connection type
But if the half cut cells were wired together as in a standard full cell panel,
they would produce twice the voltage and half the current. To make the output
like standard full cell panels, the type of the half cells connection is
different. There are two lots of half quantity series-connected cells. These
two lots are connected in parallel. Voltages in parallel stay the same and the
half cell panel remains the same voltage as the full cell panel.

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OS-HM72-525W~550W MONO Half Cell Solar panel
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