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Oversea food manufacturer registration technical service (Export to China)

# China has overhauled the import food control system in 2021.

Two new GACC decrees 248 and 249 entered into force since Jan 1, 2022.

So the import food control system (including approving a country or a
company/enterprise/facility/producer/vessel) had been renewed a lot.

# Brand new registration system for foreign enterprises.

The registration process and method of overseas food production enterprises in
China have changed greatly since 2022.

From 2022 on, the whole process MUST be operated in CIFER, the GACC
registration system. The process includes: submitting documents, local
authority review, GACC review, video audit (if necessary).

# For Veterans (already registered enterprises):

Important requirements.

Renew the license: According to the latest requirements of China's regulatory
authorities- General Administration of Customs (GACC), the registration must be
renewed after a period of time (usually 5 years).

When to renew: Must apply for renewal of registration through the registration
application channel within 3 to 6 months before the expiration of the
registration validity.

Why should the enterprises prepare for the renewal as early as possible:
Considering the long time cycle of the registration process and unpredictable
problems during the process, the enterprises must act as an early bird.

# For Candidates (enterprises applying for a license):

Frequently encountered problems in registration in GACC:

If the enterprise isn’t familiar with the details of the registration process,
or make mistakes in the material preparation, it will at higher risk of being
rejected. Any unexpected situation will lead to a significant extension of the
waiting period.

【Who is the decider?】

1. For 19 kind of food species (including meat, seafood. etc), the competent
authority (CA) of the exporting country decides whether to recommend the
enterprise to GACC or not.

2. GACC of China would be the major decider, who reviews the materials and
decides whether to approve the enterprise or not.

【What are the major difficulties?】

-- the selection of the commodity codes (HS code, CIQ code)

-- the preparation of a long list of various complex materials

-- response swiftly and precisely to emergencies during the registration
process (such as video audit, supplement of materials within a limited time,

-- have a lot of questions, but don’t know what, how, and who to get answers

【How many months to get a GACC license?】

It depends on how enterprises deal with the above mentioned difficulties.

It varies very dramatically, from a very short period, to a very long period
(up to months and even more).

Repeated failures could lead to more serious consequences.

【How to get GACC license ASAP?】

Option 1: Oversea food production enterprises do it by themselves.

Option 2: Talk to OIG and get its support.

# Why could OIG help?

In view of the above problems that enterprises may encounter, OIG is proud of
an expert team to provide third-party consulting services.

OIG expert team is composed of senior experts from various food fields and is
proficient in all the contents of the new registration regulations.

# What could partners get from OIG?

1. Technical guidance of the whole process, from the beginning to the success
of getting the GACC license.

Including professional support in key steps:

-- Documents: Know clearly which points are most critical and should be focused
on, so as to save time and unnecessary cost. ( Please note GACC requires a big
package of documents, some of which must be bilingual, English and local

-- Audit: If the enterprise is required a video audit, OIG could provide
technical guidance, rehearsal;

-- Other trouble shooting: if there is other kind of trouble, OIG could help,
based on it’s rich experience.

2. The plants cooperating with OIG could obtain rich downstream resources.

3. OIG experts will assist partner enterprises to solve various technical
problems encountered in the trade process.

# What can OIG do after enterprise get the GACC license?

OIG could do much more.

OIG could help you to do smooth/robust/growing business in Chinese market
through brand promotion, downstream buyer matching, handling emergencies, etc.

# Where to find more info about OIG?

OIG Services introduction: please see the attached OIG Services.pdf

Official website: []
GMPP: []
Email:or@oigcn , .com
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