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Contact: GreensTone
Company: GreensTone (Shenzhen) Electronics Co., Limited
4F B5 XuJingChang Industry Zone HaoYe Rd. No.39, XinHe Street, FuYong District,Shenzhen,China
Shenzhen 518103
Phone: 755-23215983
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Date/Time:  4/28/23 9:01 GMT

PCB Capability

PCB Capability
GreensTone has successfully served customers with PCB manufacturing service in
communication, industial devices, new engrgy, power supply, sensors, smart home
applications control, smart industial control , medical devices and security
control device and so on.

GreensTone PCB Quality Control
1. PCB Files Checking Before manufacturing
For every orders we recieved, Gerber files should be checked by our PCB
engineers before sending to production. Engineers would help to check the board
edge clearance, drilling, pad spacing, impedance and routing. if the engineer
finds a problem with the file or something can't be optimized, our engineers
will contact the customer to confirm the files again.

2. Raw Material Guarantee
The quality of the raw materials determines the quality of the finished
products. GreensTone has been working with leading suppliers in the
industry,and apply materials as to international standards and customer
requirements, such as Rogers, Shengyi, KB (kingboard) sheet, Rohm&Haas, TAIYO
for solder mask ink.

3. The Good Performace Production Equipment
To ensure the quality and reliability of PCB products, GreensTone continuously
introduces advanced equipment to improve their pcb fabrication capabilities,

Automatic solder mask production line

LDI exposure machine

Fully automatic PCB etching equipments line

Fully automatic PCB testing machine line

Fully automatic electroplating line

Automatic silkscreen printing production line

4. Quality Inspection Method
Comply with ISO9001:2015 requirements

Production processes are in line with IPC standards

Basic visual inspections

Rigorous electrical tests.

Flying Probe Testing

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection)

Copper Thickness Tester

Specification of PCB Capability
Item PCB Capability
Layers 1-8 layers
Thicker Copper 1- 4OZ
Products Type HF(High-Frequency)&(Radio Frequency) board, Impedance
controlled board , HDI board, BGA& Fine Pitch board
Solder Mask Red, green, yellow, white, blue, black, Matt black
Base material FR4, HI-TG, heavy copper and so on
Finished Surface Conventional HASL, Lead-free HASL, Falsh Gold, ENIG
(Immersion Gold)OSP(Entek), Immersion Tin, Immersion Silver, Hard Gold
Technical Specification Minimum line width/gap: 3.5/4mil(laser drill)
Minimum hole size: 0.15mm(mechanical drill)/4mil(laser drill)
Minimum Annular Ring: 4mil
Max Copper thickness: 4OZ
Max Production size: 900×1200mm
Board Thickness:D/S: 0.2-7.0mm, Multilayers:0.40-7.0mm
Min Solder Mask Bridge: 0.08mm
Aspect ratio: 15:1
Plugging Visa capability: 0.2-0.8mm
Tolerance Plated holes Tolerance: 0.08mm(min±0.05)
Non-plated hole tolerance: 0.05min(min+0/-0.05mm or +0.05/-0mm)
Outline Tolerance: 0.15min(min±0.10mm)
Insulating resistance: 50 ohms (normality)
Peel off strength: 1.4N/mm
Thermal Stress test: 2650c,20 seconds
Solder mask hardness: 6H
E-Test voltage: 500V+15/-0V 30S
Warp and Twist: 0.7% (semiconductor test board≤0.3% )
Silkscreen White, Black, None
Panelization V-scoring,
Tab-routing with Perforation (Stamp Holes
Others Fly Probe Testing (Free) and A.O.I. testing(free), ISO 9001:2008 , UL

As one of electronics assembly companies, we can offer sorts of related
products for sale, if you have needs, please contact us.

More kinds of smt pcb assembly, please visit our website.
PCB Capability
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