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Contact: Forgepro
Company: Shanghai Duanrong Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
Building 1, No.77 Gangxing Road, Xiaokunshan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai
Shanghai 200000
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Date/Time:  3/15/22 8:54 GMT

PCD 5 VW Forged Auto Wheels 18 Inch 6061 T6 One Piece Rims

One Piece 6061 T6 Forged Rim 18inch To 22inch Pcd 5-112 For VW Auto All
Customized Service

Forging is a processing method that uses forging machinery to apply pressure to
metal blanks to produce plastic deformation to obtain forgings with certain
mechanical properties, certain shapes and sizes. Forging (forging and stamping)
is one of the two major components. Through forging, it can eliminate the
defects such as loose as-cast produced in the metal smelting process and
optimize the microstructure. At the same time, due to the preservation of the
complete metal streamline, the mechanical properties of forgings are generally
better than those of castings of the same material. For the important parts of
related machinery with high load and severe working conditions, forgings are
mostly used in addition to simpler shapes that can be rolled, profiles or
welded parts.

PCD 5-108 5-112 5-114.3 5-120 5-130 5-139.7 5-135
ET 10 15 20 23 25 30 38 35 40 45 48 50
Style Monoblock One Piece 1 Piece Two Piece 2 Piece Three Piece 3 Piece
HUB 60.1mm 66.6mm 71.6mm 72.56mm
PCD 5 VW Forged Auto Wheels 18 Inch 6061 T6 One Piece Rims
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