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4、 Work status indication
GPRS online: Blink each 10 seconds; GPRS offline: Blink each 5 seconds.
Fixed to satellites: Double blink.
Fixed to 4 satellites at least and SDR≥38: Blink 3 times
Fully charged: On for 5 seconds and off for one second.
5、 Configure APN, GPRS login user name and password
Usually, the device can automatically identify and select APN and GPRS user
names and passwords, no settings are required. If it cannot be connect to the
network, please follow the steps below to configure it.
This device supports 2G and NB-Iot dual networks. If you use a 2G network, you
can configure it by SMS and USB port; if you use NB-Iot network, you can only
configure it via the USB port.
5.1 Configure APN by SMS command (2G network)
APN is an abbreviation for Access Point Name and changes depending on which
mobile network you are using. For more information about your local APN, please
check with your local wireless carrier.

SMS command: APN+password+space+local APN
Tracker response: APN OK
Example: APN123456 CMNET

Note: 123456 is the default password, it can be changed by SMS command:
password+old password+space+new password

5.2 Configure GPRS login user name and password by SMS command (2G network)
In the most countries, the user name and password of GPRS are not necessary;
therefore, you can ignore this step if it is not necessary for your local
network. For those countries requiring user name and password, please configure
as following:

SMS command: up+password+space+user+space+password
Tracker response: user, password ok!
Example: up123456 Jonnes 666666

Note: 123456 means the password of the device, Jonnes means the user name of
gprs, and 666666 means password of gprs, please configure it according to the
user name and password of your local ones, you can check this information with
your local wireless carrier.

Minimum Order: 10 sets

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