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Contact: Makanga
Company: Inx & Co.
Kampala, Uganda
Kampala 1783
Phone: +2560773640671
E-Mail: Send Offer
Date/Time:  7/22/21 8:09 GMT

Petroleum Products

I need these products:
- Diesel Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel 10 ppm Sulfur Max.
- Gasoline Octane Number (RON+MON/2) minimum 95.
- Jet-Fuel Jet-A1 / Jet-A / Jet-TS1
- Virgin D6
- Calcined pet coke
- Others
Monthly Volume /TRIAL :
- 100 – 200.000 MT/month for 12 months or more (ULSD), TRIAL:
- Best available price, Platt’s Price Platt AYWS00 of the day with a
Net Discount.
Port of Destination:
- Rotterdam / Bilbao / Barcelona (ULSD, Gasoline, Jet-Fuel).
- Brownsville, Texas (ULSD).
- Houston, Texas (vD6).
- Guanta port ven.
Don´t send us offers, which are require TSA, BCL, ICPO; SELLERS TO ADHERE
TO BUYERS' PROCEDURES. Buyer issues TSA at his port of delivery after
proving full pop, BG after FULL POP, and payment is after qq/sgs by LC via
mt103/tt., CIF; TTO, after CI, QQ/SGS report, and transfer of ownership
Send us FCOs to
Petroleum Products
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