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Contact: Makanga
Company: Inx & Co.
Kampala, Uganda
Kampala 1783
Phone: +2560773640671
E-Mail: Send Offer
Date/Time:  9/23/21 6:13 GMT

Petroleum Products

I need;
- Diesel Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel 10 ppm Sulfur Max.
- Gasoline Octane Number (RON+MON/2) minimum 95.
- Jet-Fuel Jet-A1 / Jet-A / Jet-TS1
- Virgin D6

- Monthly Volume /TRIAL :
100 – 200.000 MT/month for 12 months or more (ULSD), TRIAL: 100,000/MT
- /month for 12 months (95 octane), TRIAL: 100,000MT
- 2,000,000 to 3,000,000 Barrels/month for 12 months or more (Jet-A1)
TRIAL: 1,000,000BBL
- 20,000,000 US gallons/week for 12 months or more (vD6).

Port of Destination:
- Rotterdam / Bilbao / Barcelona (ULSD, Gasoline, Jet-Fuel).
- Brownsville, Texas (ULSD).
Houston, Texas (vD6).
I want offers from seller refineries only not brokers only not brokers,
procedures – buyer procedures only shall be accepted

1. Seller issue FCO on Letterhead signed and seal, confirming that
they are legal Owner, NO SCO
2. Buyer countersign FCO and send back signed and seal with Bank
Details and CP
3. Seller issues Proforma Invoice and send with SGS / Storage Facility
information (Including contact details) for Buyer to verify Sellers
Ownership verbally at tank storage and SGS no report just a call to them. *
4. Buyer sign Pro-Forma Invoice and return to Seller
5. Seller send Copies of SGS and TSR to buyer
6. Buyer and Seller log the Invoice in their respective Banks
7. Buyers Bank confirm readiness to pay
8. Seller issue unconditional DTA
9. Buyer dips the tanks and provide own Tanks or ship to load product
10. Seller issue Final Invoice together with fresh SGS Q&Q Report
11. Buyer issues MT103 for liftable product against transfer of title,
DLC for balance as per contract, POP documents are exchanged bank to bank,
payment will be released against full set of shipping documents and title
of ownership
12. Following Lifting commences as per contract

* TSR Company and Inspection Company must be ISO 9000 verified and
confirmed by the Chamber of Commerce. Written approval must be delivered by
the Seller.

We do not deliver any Tank Storage or Ship before verification of the
goods! If you don´t have goods to Sell, please, do not waste our time!

Please let seller issue me with FCO so that I send him LOI, then he then
issues me with FCO for each of the products. Send FCO to

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Petroleum Products
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