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Date/Time:  5/22/21 6:55 GMT

PODE Plant

Polymethoxydialkyl ether (PODE) is a kind of oligoether compound which is
produced by acetalization reaction. When both ends of poden are blocked by
methoxy, it is called polymethoxydimethyl ether (dmm3-8, molecular formula CH3O
(CH2O) nch3). Compared with DME and dmm1, dmm3-8 has higher viscosity and
boiling point, so mixing with diesel does not need to change the existing
engine Oil supply system.
When the polycondensation molecular unit is controlled at n = 3-6, dmm3-8 has a
good miscibility with diesel oil, with an average cetane number of over 76 and
a boiling point of 156-268 ℃, which is just in the range of diesel oil. It
overcomes the shortage of DME and dmm1 as fuel components, fully meets the
requirements of clean diesel oil blending and components, and is considered to
be a promising environmental protection diesel oil component.
PODE Plant
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