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Portable Ozone Machine inoizer Purifier Deodorization Sterilizer for Home G

7 million negative ions:
7milliions pcs outputs, it Provides fresh air more suitable for the human
Purification function: negative ion can fast absorb /covers and neutralize
harmful substance in the air(smoke, dust,Fine particles, other materials),
promote human body metabolism, improve immunity and adjust body balance, it
is also named as “Air Vitamin”.
HEPA and carbon filter
rapid remove more than 99.5% practical whose diameter is 0.03mm(about1/200
of the hair diameter ), Honeycomb Activated carbon filter can effectively
absorb formaldehyde, odor, second-hand smoke, high molecular sieve speeds up
Multipurpose Ozone Generator: This ozone machine can used for clean
air.Ozone can effective removing odors,smoke odor,harmful gas completely,
and there is no secondary pollution.
Ozone Output: This Ozone Generator is portable and lightweight unit,200mg/h
Ozone production,allowing you to use it anytime and anywhere, suitable for
Purifies air
Ozone Generator with recycle working:  auto purify air and disinfected
Small & Portable: This ozone machine is easy to install and convenient to
carry out,home kitchen office using,even hunting,car,on vacation, travel,
really anywhere you need to sanitize air,
Neutralize Office Air for fresher, more pleasant smell and cleaner
breathing experience throughout the work day
Deodorize Home Air including odors caused by cats,dogs and other pets;
infuse a crisp,clean, pleasurable scent only found in nature Removes mold
and mildew odors in bathroom or basement
Neutralizes cooking odors like offensive smells caused by
onion,spices,burnt oil,fish and beyond
Kills bacteria in both air and water for extra safety and precaution during
cold and flu season,preserving and improving the taste and texture
Fights pollen and other allergens throughout the year, helping alleviate
symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers
neutralizes smoke caused by cigarettes, cigars, woodburning fireplace and
house fires
Lower energy consumption
The Guanglei Air Purifier is a green product, pollution-free, 1w low energy
Four choices:
A: Just only aroma diffuser
B: Aroma diffuser+ion
C: Aroma diffuser+ozone
D: Aroma diffuser+ion+ozone
The composite filter with HEPA and Active Carbon or the aromatic cotton
Portable Ozone Machine inoizer Purifier Deodorization Sterilizer for Home G
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