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Powell Prism

The Powell lens is a quantum leap forward in line generator performance over
the simple cylinder lens. A cylinder lens produces a poorly illuminated line,
one limited by the non-uniform, Gaussian laser beam. The Powell lens' rounded
roof is in fact a complex two-dimensional aspheric curve that generates a
tremendous amount of spherical aberration that redistributes the light along
the line; decreasing the light in the central area while increasing the light
level at the line's ends. The result is a very uniformly illuminated line used
in all manner of machine vision applications; from bio-medical and automobile
assembly to chocolate chip cookie production.

Description Of Powell Prism
Powell prism (also known as laser linear generator lens) is an optical marking
prism, which can be optimized for the input of laser beam with the diameter of
0.8mm. Powell custom optical prism makes the laser beam can be optimized into a
straight line with uniform optical density, good stability and good linearity
after passing through. Different from the cylindrical lens which produces the
characteristics of central hot spot and faded edge gaussian beam, it can
eliminate the distribution of central hot spot and faded edge of gaussian beam
and form a straight line with uniform energy distribution. The full fan Angle
ranges from 1° to 120°. The standard specifications are 5°, 10°, 20°,
30°, 40°, 45°, 50°, 60°, 70°, 80°, 90°, 110° and 120°.

Gaussian laser beam by ordinary cylindrical lens, produces the uneven
distribution of straight line, and Powell at the top of the prism is complex
two-dimensional aspheric surface, through laser will produce a large number of
spherical aberration, light path is redistributed, reduce the light of the
central region, increase the edge of the light, to form a uniform line,
suitable for all kinds of biological medicine, automobile assembly, food
processing and machine vision applications.

Used for positioning, laser marking machine, processing marking positioning,
marking the building target, laser scanning system, measuring equipment. For a
variety of machine vision applications; From biomedical to automotive assembly
to chocolate chip cookie production; Mobile phone all kinds of online
detection, aircraft military applications, ship plant. For more information,
please contact us BRD optical co. Ltd.

Minimum Order: 5 pieces

Powell Prism
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