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PP PVC Extrusion Profiles Plastic Angle Extrusion Window And Door Plastic P


Extrusion is a continuous process, in which the finished products are obtained
by forcing molten material through a forming tool (spinneret, an extrusion
head, orifice). The material used in the extrusion process is characterized by
a high level of viscosity, and the products are obtained with a cross-section
of the desired shape, such as plastic. Extrusion, in other words, can be
considered as a complex physical-chemical process that takes place under the
influence of mechanical forces, high temperature, and humidity. The processed
raw materials are heated by heat, which is released during the process of
overcoming internal friction and deformation of the material, and also due to
external heating.

The word extrusion comes from Latin roots, from the word " Extrusion ",
"extrusiĊnis" which means forcing. Other sources state that it comes from the
Latin "extrudere" which means to expel.This extrusion process was patented in
1797 by a British mechanic and inventor named Joseph Bramah when I try to make
a lead pipe.

Products Produced

Manufacturers mold plastic pallets into an array of shapes, including:
profiles, PVC channels, plastic strips, and plastic tubing. They use shapes
like these to create a wide range of finished products, such as: engine
components, auto exterior trim (decorative or functional), electronic housings,
fencing, window frames, wire insulation, deck railings, plastic films,
thermoplastic coatings and more.
PP PVC Extrusion Profiles Plastic Angle Extrusion Window And Door Plastic P
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