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Precision Titanium Machining

Why is Titanium So Hard to Machine?

Titanium cnc service, as a challenging material, has a unique combination of
properties in terms of high strength, high temperature, chemical reactivity, and
elasticity. Due to its strength and tendency to harden during processing, it is
difficult to cut using traditional machining techniques. Therefore, Swiss
machining is the best choice in general.

Falcon Swiss machine shop is an expert in titanium machining and can ensure
successful and efficient processing of titanium materials. We have a deep
understanding of the unique properties and challenges of titanium and have
developed specialized techniques and tools to overcome these challenges. Contact
us now for your titanium manufacturing needs!

Advantages of Titanium Materials in Swiss Machining

Turning titanium is a widely used material in Swiss machining due to its unique
properties and numerous advantages. Here are some of the advantages of using
titanium materials in Swiss machining:

High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: titanium machined parts has an excellent strength-
to-weight ratio, making it a popular choice for parts where weight reduction is
critical. It is approximately 40% lighter than steel but has similar or greater

Corrosion Resistance: edm titanium has excellent corrosion resistance,
particularly in harsh environments such as seawater or acidic environments. This
property makes it a popular choice in the aerospace and marine industry. Using
titanium materials in Swiss machining ensures long-lasting, corrosion-resistant

Minimum Order: 1 kilometres

Precision Titanium Machining
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