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Prenatal cell-free DNA screening

Prenatal cell-free DNA (cfDNA) screening, additionally called noninvasive
prenatal screening, is an approach to display for sure chromosomal problems
in an unborn child.

Throughout prenatal cell-free DNA screening, DNA from the mom and unborn
child is removed from a maternal blood sample and evaluated for the boosted
opportunity of certain chromosome troubles, such as Down syndrome, trisomy
13 as well as trisomy 18. This screening can also offer information
regarding fetal sex.

Prenatal cell-free DNA testing is recommended for women that are at least 10
weeks expectant and also have ample counseling regarding the alternatives,
advantages and also restrictions of first and also 2nd trimester screening
and diagnostic testing. Your healthcare provider or a hereditary counselor
will go over whether prenatal cell-free DNA testing may benefit you and also
exactly how to interpret the results.

Why it's done
Prenatal cell-free DNA testing is offered to any individual who is
expecting. It can be made use of to evaluate for certain chromosomal
disorders, consisting of:

Down syndrome (trisomy 21).
Trisomy 18.
Trisomy 13.
It can also be used to evaluate for fetal sex.

Some prenatal cell-free DNA testing tests could also screen for the boosted
opportunity of:.

Trisomy 16.
Trisomy 22.
Sex chromosome aneuploidy.
Particular problems triggered by a chromosomal removal (microdeletion
Specific single-gene problems.
Prenatal cell-free DNA testing could be more delicate and certain than
standard first as well as second trimester testing, such as the initial
trimester testing and also the quad screen. Furthermore, prenatal cell-free
DNA screening might help females who have particular risk factors make
decisions concerning invasive testing that brings a mild threat of losing
the unborn baby, including amniocentesis as well as chorionic villus
sampling (CVS).

Remember, nonetheless, that prenatal cell-free DNA testing has been revealed
to be much less reliable if you:.

Are expecting with multiples.
Have a body mass index of 30 or greater (obesity).
Are pregnant by means of a contributor egg.
Are expectant as a gestational service provider.
Are less than 10 weeks pregnant.
Are taking particular blood slimmers.
Concerning 1% to 5% of prenatal cell-free DNA testing tests don't generate
any outcome, potentially due to the sample not having sufficient DNA or
various other material necessary for the examination. In these instances,
your health care company will certainly review your options with you.

Prenatal cell-free DNA screening positions no physical threats for you or
your baby.

While prenatal cell-free DNA testing might trigger anxiousness, it could
help you prevent the demand for even more intrusive tests, therapy or
monitoring during your pregnancy.

Bear in mind, nonetheless, that prenatal cell-free DNA screening doesn't
screen for all chromosomal or genetic problems. An unfavorable examination
outcome does not ensure an unaffected pregnancy.

Exactly how you prepare.
If you're interested in prenatal cell-free DNA screening, talk with your
health care carrier about its schedule. Also, take into consideration
checking to see if your medical insurance covers the expense of prenatal
cell-free DNA testing.

Before you go through prenatal cell-free DNA screening, your health care
supplier or a hereditary therapist will discuss the feasible outcomes and
also what they might indicate for you and also your child. Be sure to talk
about any kind of questions or problems you have about the screening

What you can expect.
Prenatal cell-free DNA screening can be done as early as week 10 of

During the treatment.
Throughout prenatal cell-free DNA screening, a maternal blood sample is
taken and also sent out to a lab. The lab assesses the maternal as well as
fetal DNA in the blood sample. A more than expected proportion of chromosome
21 sequences shows, for example, a raised danger of trisomy 21 in the unborn
child. Trisomy 21 is the most usual reason for Down disorder.

Generally, examination outcomes are readily available in five to 7 days.

The coverage of results varies depending upon the laboratory. Results might
be reported as favorable or unfavorable, as high danger or low threat of an
abnormality, or as a possibility.

If the examination results indicate that the unborn child has actually a
raised danger of a chromosomal irregularity, you could need amniocentesis or
CVS to confirm the diagnosis.

Chromosomal problems can not be fixed. If your baby is detected with a
chromosomal irregularity, you'll need to make a decision whether to proceed
with your pregnancy or what actions to take to look after your baby during
pregnancy and after he or she is born. Your healthcare provider or a genetic
counselor can assist respond to any kind of concerns you might have.

No matter the outcomes of prenatal cell-free DNA screening, if you have
threat aspects that recommend your child could be at boosted danger of a
chromosomal or genetic condition, you have the choice of undertaking
amniocentesis or CVS.

In most cases, some disease(like cancer) cannot be avoided, but it can be
prevented. BGI prenatal test examines related genes to determine if you have
a genetic variant linked to the disease in your family, so that you can take
preventive measures.
If you have no family history of the disease, but are concerned about your
risk of it, other cardiovascular diseases, or you have an interest in
multifactorial diseases, we also offer other products. Please be assured
that at BGI China, you will always have a consultation with one of our
genetic counsellors, who will explain the test, what you can expect from the
results, and answer any additional questions you may have. Contact us for
more information.
Prenatal cell-free DNA screening
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