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Reefer Container Monitoring System

The " refrigeration monitoring and control system" of CIMC Intelligent
Technology Co., Ltd. is used in reefer container yards and terminals. A "Reefer
Container Monitoring System" host can monitor 24 reefer containers, the
monitoring plugs and protocols are automatically adapted, and it can support
the industry's main reefer container brands. The cables and equipment are
waterproof and dustproof, which support applications in hard environment. The
cable of the product does not have a locking mechanism, which supports the
self-falling action of misoperation. The product has the characteristics of
automatic retractable cable, and the site environment is beautiful after the

The "Reefer Container Cold Chain Monitoring System" successfully replaced the
traditional mode of manual handing operations. Real-time monitoring of reefer
containers and abnormal alarms are realized, which effectively improves the
intelligent monitoring level of reefer containers and improves the quality of
cold chain logistics.

Product Description

Collecting Data In Real Time
Through the collection, transmission and monitoring of real-time data, to
reduce manual handing operations

Abnormal Inspection Alarm
The whole process of automatic data collection/reporting/storage of
refrigerated container, real-time automatic inspection of fault alarms about
refrigerated containers

Data Visualization
Adopt 2D/3D data visualization management to realize the informatization of
data management and precision of that

The Advantage of Product

Automatic Inspection And Warning
Check with data collectors, save labor costs and eliminate human error, respond
quickly to discrepancies and warn of heat load events, reducing costly claims

Data Transmission - Multiple Methods Available
Communication between equipment and server: Ethernet, WIFI, 4G cellular
network, port designated private network, etc.

Domestic Products And Data Security
The product has a full set of independent intellectual property rights, patent
certificates, soft works, etc.; data security: support the SM2/SM3/SM4/SM9
encryption algorithm issued by the China's State Cryptography Administration'

Equipment Use - Simple and Practical
The equipment is simple and efficient to use. When the reefer container crew
plugs the power supply into the reefer container, they can insert the plug of
the data acquisition line by the way.

Visual Management
Visual management makes the production management process more intuitive, makes
information communication more effective, and visualizes the information inside
the port and yard, so as to achieve transparent and accurate management

Equipment Maintenance - Simple and Convenient
Troubleshoot the indicator lights of the data collector, and check the bolt
loosening of the equipment installation

Monitoring Hardware Products For Reefer Containers

The "Reefer Container Monitoring System" Host: RC-C
It is installed on the shelf of reefer container, collects the real-time data
from data collector of each reefer container, and transmits upload data to the
system server.

The "Reefer Container Monitoring System"Slave: RC-CA
Installed on the shelf of reefer containers, collecting real-time data (such as
temperature, supply air and return air) of major brands of reefer containers ,
and transmit them to the "Reefer Container Monitoring System" .

The platform of the "Reefer Container Monitoring System" and server of that
It is installed in the computer room of the user information management center
(IT department), and the deployed server is delivered to the customer for daily
maintenance management.

Equipment Detailed Parameters

Product Name The monitoring terminal of the "Reefer Container Monitoring
System" : the host of the CAN version The monitoring terminal of the "Reefer
Container Monitoring System" : the slave of the CAN version
Product Type RC-C RC-CA
Size 300mm150mm95mm 100mm*68mm*50mm
Material 304 Stainless Steel ABS Material
Weight -- --
Power Supply Equipment DC12~24V DC12~24V
Method of Data Transmission Host & Server: Ethernet, Optional:
WIFI/Cellular Network Master-slave: CAN Bus
Monitor The Number Of Reefer Containers ≤32 Channels One-To-One
Communication Interface Of Reefer Containers Communication Between Slave And
Reefer Container: RS232 --
Data Reporting Frequency >40S' >40S'
Protection Class IP67 IP67
Operating Temperature -40°C~+85°C -40°C~+85°C
Operating Humidity 5%RH~95%RH 5%RH~95%RH
Prompt Status None 4 Channel LED
SIM Card Interface 1 --
Processor ARM7 --
Operating System FreeRTOS --
Power Rating ≤10W --
Wireless Interface SMA --
Localstorage Capability For Data It can store ≥3000 data of reefer
containers, at least 60 reefer containers can work together for 24 hours, and
one piece of data can be stored half an hour. --

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Reefer Container Monitoring System
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