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RFJA32 Fiberglass Weaving Machine

RFJA32 Fiberglass Weaving Machine
The RFJA32 Fiberglass Air Jet Loom is a specialized weaving machine designed
for the production of glass fiber fabrics. This type of loom uses an air jet
mechanism, which involves shooting the weft yarn across the loom using a jet of
air. This method is highly efficient and allows for high-speed weaving. The
RFJA32 fiberglass weaving machine is specifically designed to handle the unique
properties of glass fiber, which is known for its strength, durability, and
heat resistance. This makes it ideal for producing fabrics for industries such
as aerospace, automotive, and construction, where these properties are highly

Features of RFJA32 Fiberglass Air Jet Loom
Automatic Control System: Implementing a high-performance 32-bit computer
enables real-time transfer of operational parameters, data collection, and
adjustments, offering both the hardware reliability and software assistance
necessary for achieving autonomous operations, digital administration, and
network-based supervision in the facility. This technology not only delivers
abundant information but also boasts a lifespan that is double that of the
intelligent keyboards typically utilized in China, specifically in the context
of fiberglass weaving machines.

Beating Mechanism: Based on the characteristics of glass fiber fabric, adopt
the special 4-link beating mechanism for glass fiber designed and optimized by
computer. The beating motion is featured at short travel, small vibration, and
long weft insertion time. The fiberglass air jet loom can make strong and
stable beating during ultra-high speed operation and ensure weave high-quality
fabric products.

Take-Up Mechanism: The rolling cloth fell support rod, stretching roller and
cloth pressing roller completely eliminate the “removed weft” phenomenon
caused by the winding of glass fiber fabric, to maintain a good style of the
cloth surface off-machine. The take-up roller and cloth guide roller are
wrapped with special friction materials to avoid pressure mark of the fabric.

Weft Insertion System: Adopt weft insertion components, e.g. weft feeder, main
nozzle, auxiliary nozzle and stretch nozzle specially adapted to glass fiber
yarn to meet the weft insertion needs of glass fiber yarn, reduce the damage to
glass fiber weft yarn, reduce the wear of yarn to weft insertion components,
and extend service life.

Double Back Rest Electronic Let-Off Mechanism: The double back rest electronic
let-off mechanism specially designed for fiberglass loom machinery can
accurately measure and maintain the warp tension. The control accuracy and
response speed are improved significantly via AC servo motor driving
technology, which can ensure the surface quality of glass fiber fabric.

High Efficiency Air Suction Device: The high-efficiency air suction device on
the fiberglass weaving machine can effectively absorb the fine fibers produced
during weaving, and it is helpful to the physical and mental health of

Take-Up Mechanism: The control technology in combination of AC servo motor
drive and angular displacement sensor can control the winding tension
constantly and realize more accurate winding. Adopt large winding mechanism on
the machine, with the maximum winding diameter can reach 800mm, which not only
realizes large winding length, but also significantly reduces the floor area of
equipment. The quick doffing mechanism of our fiberglass loom machinery makes
doffing simple and fast.

Special Scissors Temple Mechanism: Based on the characteristics of high
hardness and being difficult to cut of glass fiber, the fiberglass weaving
machine specially designs cutting scissors to cut off the excess yarn head,
featured at low cost, good effect and long service life.

As a textile machinery company, we will do our best to meet all the needs of

Minimum Order: 1 sets

RFJA32 Fiberglass Weaving Machine
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