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Contact: Mr. Ben Zhao
Company: Ginyung Glycolipid Industry (Xian) Co., Ltd.
25/F., Block-d, Xidian Tech Park, 168 Kechuang Road, Yanta District, Xi'an, China
Xi'an 100000
Phone: 86-29-84276532
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Date/Time:  10/11/21 5:56 GMT

RHAMATE Biological Adjuvant Special Fertilizers for biosurfacant and synerg

Product Description
RHAMATE, special fertilizer and biological adjuvant, with biological glycolipid as
biosurfacant and synergism

◆ Biological glycolipid with proprietary technology

◆ Biosurfactant and synergist for agrochemicals

◆ Biological remediation for both soil and water

◆ Eco-friendly and safe to crops and environment


RHAMATE as a novel liquid adjuvant is derived from optimized and improved microbial
metabolites and formulated through special fermentation process. This product is
classified as a substance of glycopeptidolipid, with molecular weight ranging from
200 to 500D, easily absorbed, dissolved and utilized by crops.

RHAMATE as a new biological material, it can be compounded with special, new-type
fertilizers and agrochemicals, and can be solely applied to improve the efficient
transmission and synergistic utilization of nutritional elements, agrochemicals,
etc. Simultaneously, it can promote the optimization of soil structure, organic and
inorganic remediation of polluted soils, etc.

RHAMATE can remarkably benefit agriculture, and is mainly applied in four aspects,
including seed management, soil management, nutrition management and preservation
management. According to the illustrations of agricultural practice, it can fully
performance the characteristics of biological glycolipid.


Biological Glycolipid ≥ 30 g/L
Organic Substances ≥ 40 g/L
Electrical Conductivity(1:250) 0.07 mS/cm
pH Value(1:250) 6.5-7.0
Density 1.01 g/cm3
Appearance Red brown liquid
RHAMATE Biological Adjuvant Special Fertilizers for biosurfacant and synerg
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