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Roll Forming Machine

Shelf Column Roll Forming Machine uses a wide range, has been widely used in
the city shelves, storage shelves, super heavy shelves, and other profiles of
cold roll forming. Our shelf column forming machine adopts industrial control
PLC, man-machine operation interface to realize production automation. By
inputting parameters such as hole spacing, product length and quantity,
punching, molding, and cutting are completed at one time during production.

Continuous production without shutdown, to ensure stable product quality,
accurate size.

Using storage rack roll forming machine to produce shelf profile, low
production cost, high efficiency, saving materials, and environmental
protection, can be combined with production needs to manufacture automatic
production equipment, saving labor, so that enterprises in the fierce market
competition more competitive.

Rack Rolling Machine Introduction
The automatic upright roll forming machine is mainly composed of decoiler,
power leveling machine, servo feeding mechanism + punch punching mechanism,
roller forming machine, electronic control system, hydraulic system, mechanical
tracking shear mechanism, and other components.

The production line can produce 120× 69,100 × 69,80 ×69 shelf column
profiles with a thickness of 1.2-2.5mm. At the same time, we can also customize
production lines according to customer requirements.

Rack Rolling Machine Composition
Feeding, leveling, feeder, punching, forming machine, fixed-length cut off,
receiving table, electrical cabinet (PLC control) and other components

Rack Rolling Machine Display
Heavy Duty Shelf Column Roll Forming Machine

Shelf Forming Machine Features
1. The material of rolling roller is 40Cr, and the hardness is HB280 after
tempering and tempering.
2. Transmission structure is gear box transmission or chain transmission.
3. The machine adopts PLC full intelligent control, high automation program,
safe and efficient.
4. The formed frame is welded with high-strength channel steel.High strength,
long service life.
5. The material of the forming mold is GCr15, quenching, hardness: hrc56-62 ℃.

Shelf Forming Machine Advantages
Hangzhou Roll Forming Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and
exporter of all kinds of standard and non-standard cold roll forming machine
line and tube mill machine line. Our shelf column roll forming machine has
the following characteristics:
First, the equipment adopts the unique punching die structure design, reduce
the friction between the pipe and the die, avoid the damage of the material
surface, so as to save the cost of secondary treatment of the material surface.
Second, the punching machine adopts a unique machine design, so that the
punching process more streamline, simplify, reduce the material handling again,
so as to greatly improve the work efficiency.
Third, the drilling machine adopts unique circuit design, oil design and safety
system design, energy saving, environmental protection, safe and convenient.
Four, the equipment mold automatic discharge and blanking, effectively improve
the efficiency of punching, and extend the service life of the mold.
Fifth, the store shelf column punching machine, automatic processing product
consistency is good, the product quality is stable and guaranteed.
Welcome both national and international customers to contact us for more

Rack Rolling Machine FAQ
What type racks can your roll forming machines make?
Our roll forming machines can be customized by customers. So as long as it is a
profile that the roll forming machine can do, we can manufacture the machines
for customers.
Can your roll forming machines make heavy duty racks?
We can make heavy duty roll forming machines for heavy duty racks.
Can you manufacture high speed rack roll forming machines?
We not only design and manufacture roll forming machines for roof panel, but
also we can design and manufacture high speed roll forming machines, for rack,
metal deck, guardrail and so on.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Roll Forming Machine
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