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S1200 Golden Grow Lights

Grow Light for Sale
Light environment is one of the important physical environment factors
indispensable for plant growth and development, and it is an important
technology in the field of facility cultivation to control plant morphology
through light quality regulation.

1200 watt grow light is a kind of light fixture that uses LED (light-emitting
diode) as the light source and uses light instead of sunlight to give the plant
growth and development environment in accordance with the law of plant growth
must need sunlight.

1200 watt grow light helps to shorten the growth cycle of plants. Because the
light source of 1200w led grow light is mainly composed of pink grow lights
sources, using the most sensitive light wavelengths of plants, red light
wavelengths using 620-630nm and 640-660nm, blue light wavelengths using 450-
460nm and 460-470nm. LED grow light 1200w let the plant in the growth process
to promote more lateral branches and bud differentiation, accelerate the root
stem and leaf growth and shorten the growth cycle.

Advantages of S1200 Golden Grow Lights

S1200 Golden Grow Light is built in drive power supply. The heat dissipation
method adopts aluminum substrate and fan. The heat dissipation effect is very
ideal, which ensures the normal working environment of the lamp beads, prolongs
the service life of the lamp beads and improves the effectiveness and stability
of the light source to plants. The 1200 watt led grow light has the advantages
of convenient installation and high cost performance. The 1200 watt grow light
is safe, environmentally friendly, and does not contain pollution and harmful
substances. Its service life is 30000 hours and its quality is guaranteed for
two years. Supreme solar powered outdoor grow lights and vertical grow lights
are available for many types of plants and stage, we can offer you high quality
plant growth light. In addition, we do manufacture cacti grow lights, led grow
lights for tomatoes, grow light for aloe vera plant and growing lettuce under
grow lights.

Specifications of S1200 Golden Grow Lights
Specifications & Resources
The shell of S1200 V2-Golden Grow Light is made of plastic shell/all aluminum +
transparent PC cover, which is formed by spraying/baking paint process, and the
shell color can be customized according to customer needs. The red light
wavelength is 620nn-630nm or 640nm-660nm, and the blue light wavelength is
460nm-470nm. The special ratio can be customized according to customer

S1200 Golden Grow Lights Case
SPYDR Series
Case Studies
1200w LED grow light can be used as supplementary lighting for plant
photosynthesis. With LED lighting, the growth rate and photosynthetic rate of
lettuce can be increased by more than 20%. The mixed wavelength LED light
source can significantly promote the growth and development of spinach, radish,
and lettuce and improve the morphological indexes. S1200 Golden Grow Light can
maximize the biological accumulation of sugarbeet, the beet element
accumulation in hairy root is the most significant, and produce the highest
sugar and starch accumulation in hairy root.

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Minimum Order: 1 kilograms

S1200 Golden Grow Lights
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