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7/16/21 7:34 GMT
Smart GPS Tracker

Tracker Bee, as part of the UMEOX security series, focuses on-location services. With a 42mm tiny body, this 4g vehicle gps tracker is currently the world's longest-running locator. Built-in AGPS+LBS+GPS+WiFi+BDS/GLONASS multiple positioning methods greatly improve anti-interference ability and provides more accurate positioning. Combined with 4G networking and a customized App on the phone, our smart GPS device can give you a real-time view of the location of children, elderly people, cars, luggage and bags at any time. Meanwhile, this kids smart anti-lost GPS tracker also has the one-click SOS function, which can send emergency reminder and real-time location information to relevant contacts in case of emergency. Keep Safe, Keep Close. We have mini gps smart tracker, smart gps mini tracker, gps tracker smart, smart mini gps device, smart tracker gps tracking device, best 4g gps tracker, 4g gps car tracker,etc.

Minimum Order: 3000


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Shenzhen Umeox Innovations Co., Ltd
Floor 19, Block A, Building 8, Shenzhen International Innovation Valley Phase III, Dashi 1st Road, N
guangdong,shenzhen 518000
6/6/21 2:52 GMT
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Xiajing E-Commerce & EXPORT CO., LIMITED Add :NO46TaiheGarden,HuLiDistrict,XiaMen City,China QQ :2392596973 Post Code : 361000 Email : sarahjl , ====SIEMENS related sales models ==== 6ES5395-0UA21 6ES5-395-0UA21 6ES5396-0UA11 6ES5-396-0UA11 6FM1420-1CA00 6FM1-420-1CA00 6ES5605-0RU11 6ES5-605-0RU11 6ES5605-0UA11 6ES5-605-0UA11 6ES5605-0UB11 6ES5-605-0UB11 6ES5605-0UB12 6ES5-605-0UB12 6ES5615-0UB11 6ES5-615-0UB11 6ES5090-8MA01 6ES7971-1AA00-0AA0 6ES5980-0MB11 6ES5095-8Mxxx 6ES5095-8Fxxx 6ES510x-8MAxx 6ES5101-8Uxxx 6ES5980-0AE11 6ES7971-0BA00 6ES5110-3SBxx 6EW1000-7AA 6ES5951-7LB1x 6EW1000-7AA 6ES5951-7LD21 6ES5980-0AE11 6ES7971-0BA00 6ES5951-7NBxx 6ES5951-7ND1x 6ES5951-7ND21 6EW1000-7AA 6ES5951-7ND41 6ES5951-7ND51 6ES5980-0AE11 6ES7971-0BA00 6EV3053-0AC 6EW1000-7AA 6EV3053-0DC 6EW1001-0AA 6EV053-0DC 6EW1001-0AA 6EV3053-0AC 6EW1000-7AA 6EV3053-0DC 6EW1001-0AA 6ES5955-3LC12 6ES5955-3LC41 6ES5955-3LF11 6ES5955-3LF41 6ES5955-3NA11 6ES5955-3NC41 6ES5955-3NF11 6EW1000-7AA 6ES5980-0NC11 6ES5955-3NC11 6ES7971-0BA00 6AV3017-1NE30-0AX0 6AV3607-1JC20-0AX1 6AV3607-1JC30-0AX1 6AV3617-1JC20-0AX1 6AV3617-1JC30-0AX1 6AV6542-0BB15-2AX0 6AV6545-0BA15-2AX0 6AV6545-0BB15-2AX0 6AV6545-0BC15-2AX0 Xiajing E-Commerce & EXPORT CO., LIMITED Add :NO46TaiheGarden,HuLiDistrict,XiaMen City,China QQ :2392596973 Post Code : 361000 Email : sarahjl ,

Minimum Order: 1 bags

Kim Liang

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Xiajing e-commerce firm
NO46TaiheGarden,HuLiDistrict,XiaMen City,China
Xia Men 316000

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