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1/14/21 2:35 GMT
marine pneumatic quick-closing valve

Modle JZ dual-purpose pneumatic qneumatic quick-closing is designed to be used in marine piping systems. The valve can be used an ordinary shut off valve in normal times. Moreover, it can be opened and closed by a hand wheel just like an ordinary shut off valve. In case of emergency,emergency action can be made either manually or pneumatically to cause the valve to be closed immediately. The emergeney action can be remote and central controled, if the controlbox the quick-closingvalve is used.

Minimum Order: 1 bags

David Gao
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Taizhou Yugao Import & Export Co., Ltd
No.9-29#, Zhangqian Village, Zhangdian Town, Jiangyan district, Jiangsu Province, P.R. China
Taizhou 225500
10/17/20 1:35 GMT
New and Used Yamaha, Suzuki, Mercury 4-Stroke Outboard Motors Marine Engine

KSNA is a manufacturing and trading company in Thailand that is involved in supplying and exporting different varieties such as copy paper, a4 paper, office paper, copper scrap, aluminium scrap, chicken feet, chicken paws, sugar, frozen chicken, condoms, nuts, kernels, cooking oil, palm oil, corn, beans, grains, white spirit, chemicals and many other products. Products: - Copy Paper, Office Papers, Multipurpose paper, a4 paper, Double A Paper, Paper One, Mondi, Copimax etc. - Metal Scraps HMS 1/2, Copper Scrap, Aluminum Scrap, Battery Scrap - Edible Vegetable Cooking Oil - Frozen Chicken, Chicken Feet/Paws, Frozen whole Chicken and parts. - Crude Degummed and Refined Soybean oil in flexitanks (Non GMO and Regular) or bottled - Latex Condoms and Latex Gloves - Yellow Corn/Maize - Soybean Meal 46% and 48% in containers - Groundnut meal 50% - Soybeans in containers - Rice - Pulses and Beans - Crude Groundnut oil - Cashew Nuts - Sugar IC 150 - Canned Foods - Canned Fish and Canned Seafood - Instant Coffee Spray Dried and Freeze Dried (powder and granulated) - Corned Beef - Corned Beef Loaf - Chicken Luncheon Meat - Beef Luncheon Meat - Canned Sausage (Vienna and Hot Dog) - Canned Tuna - Filled, Hard, and Chewing Candies (Fruits, Nuts, Toffee, Guarana, Milk, Mint, Cola, Honey, Cinnamon, Coffee, Fresh, Assorted, etc) - Sauces (Soya, Garlic, Worcestershire, Barbecue) - Fruits in Syrup (Peach, Guava, Pineapple, Figs) - Milk Powder (FCMP, SMP, Fat Filled) - Fatty Acid (Mixed or 100% from Soybean oil) - Concentrated Frozen Juices - Cobalt Sulphate Hepta Hydrate - Manganese Dioxide - Copper Sulphate Penta - Sodium Molybdate - Manganese Sulphate - Crude Glycerin - Shampoo Our Products Categories include the following: 1) METALS AND SCRAPS: - Copper Scrap - Aluminium Scrap, Aluminum Extrusion Scrap - Drained Lead Battery Scraps, Lead Plates and Lead Ingots 2) GRAINS, NUTS, SEEDS, BEANS and KERNELS: - Cashew Nuts, - Kidney Beans - Corn/Maize - Sorghum - Brazil Nuts, Hazelnuts, Walnuts, - Almond Nuts, Betel Nuts, Macadamia Nuts, Pistachio Nuts, other Nuts - Sunflower Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds 3) OFFICE PAPERS: - Double A Copy Paper - Typek Copy Paper - Mondi Rotatrim Copy Paper - HP Multipurpose Copy Paper - Xerox Multipurpose Copy Paper - Chamex Copy Paper 4) CHEMICALS: - White Spirit Solvent - Paraffin Wax - Fertilizers - Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate - Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid - Cobalt Sulphate Hepta Hydrate - Manganese Dioxide - Copper Sulphate Penta - Sodium Molybdate - Manganese Sulphate - Crude Glycerin - Shampoo 5) ENERGY: - Wood Pellets - Charcoal - Wood Chips - Firewood 6) EDIBLE COOKING OIL: - Sunflower Oil - Palm Oil - Corn Oil - Soybean Oil - Olive Oil - Coconut Oil 7) FOOD AND BEVERAGES: - Frozen Chicken and Parts, Chicken Feet, Chicken Paws - Frozen Fish, Seafood, Dry Fish, Seafood Products. - Sugar - Salt, Herbs and Spices - Rice - Peanuts - Garlic and Ginger - Frozen Fish, Dried Fish - Food Ingredients We supply good quality products at good prices. CONTACT US: Email:

Minimum Order: 10 long tons

Sunan Somchai
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55 Nipatutit 2 Road
Hat Yai 90110

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