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8/19/21 6:41 GMT
Cuttlefish Bones/ Dried cuttlefish bone/ Cuttle fish bone

Cuttlefish bone or squid bone refers to the internal cartilaginous shell of the cuttlefish, a relative of the squid and octopus. Cuttlefish bone is typically smooth and white, with small, wavy lines or ridges. 1. It resists peptic ulcer, tumor, and radiation and sets a broken bone; 2. Calcium carbonate contained can neutralize stomach acid, change the pH of the stomach contents, reduce pepsin activity, and promote the healing of ulcers; 3. After chitin contained reacts with organic matter in stomach and gastric juice, it could form a protective layer on the surface of the ulcer and then promote the blood coagulation; 4. Animal experiments showed that cuttlefish bone could obviously promote bone defect repair Product name : Cuttlebone Type : Natural, Raw, Dried Moisture:13% Max Broken:5% Max Size: 1-8cm, 9-14cm , 10-15cm, 15-22cm, over 22cm up Width : 4cm onwards Calcium Content :34% min ryness: 95% min Color: White Toxic Chemicals: No bleached Sun Light: Dried Appearance: Ivory white, Clean, No foreign matter, No mold Packaging : 5kg - 10kg - 25kg - 50kg per PP bag or /carton

Minimum Order: 200

Mr. Ako Peter
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Jimpex International Limited
13th Street. 47 W 13th St, New York
New York 10011
United States

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