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6/18/21 8:30 GMT
FOXBORO FBM211 One year warranty

CONTACT ➯ Sales manager : Leonia ➯ Email mailto : ➯ Skype/WeChat : 18030175807 ➯ Mobile/WhatsApp : +86 18030175807 ➯ QQ : 2851195482 Item Specifics About Module Manufacturer : FOXBORO Country of origin : USA Other Important Information Delivery time: Fastest Lead Times  Payment Methods : We can accept T/T Package: Original packing with cartons Warranty: One year warranty in globally Minimum Order, Large Quantity Long-term Supply Regular pur , chase with competitive prices and reliable s , upply [Sales manager : Leonia : Email :] [Skype/WeChat : 18030175807] [Mobile/Whatsapp : +86 18030175807] The Important Role of Products ➯ Improve efficiency and optimize plant operations; ➯ Emission reduction and avoid unplanned downtime; ➯ Provides the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO); ➯ Provides integrated control, power, safety, and information solutions for complete plant-wide control in a scalable; ➯ Open architecture to take advantage of traditional or renewable sources of energy! More Modules Recommended Honeywell 51308301-175 CC-TCF901, 51308307-175 CC-TCNT01 Honeywell 51308353-175 CC-TAOX11, 51308363-175 CC-TAIX01 Honeywell 51308365-175 CC-TAIX11,51308373-175 CC-TD0B11 Honeywell 51308376-175 CC-TDOR11,51308380-175 CC-SDOR01 Honeywell 51308386-175 CC-TDIL01,51405038-175 CC-PAIH01 Honeywell 51405039-175 CC-PA0H01,51405040-175 CC-PDIL01 Honeywell 51405043-175 CC-PD0B01,51405047-175 CC-PCF901 BENTLY NEVADA TSI System 3500/05,TSI system 3500/15,3500/22M BENTLY NEVADA TSI System 3500/25 ,TSI system 3500/33,TSI system 3500/34 BENTLY NEVADA TSI System 3500/40M,TSI System 3500/42M ,3500/45 BENTLY NEVADA TSI system 3500/50,TSI system 3500/53,TSI system 3500/60 BENTLY NEVADA TSI System 3500/62,TSI system 3500/63,3500/64M BENTLY NEVADA TSI system 3500/65,TSI system 3500/70M,3500/72M BENTLY NEVADA TSI system 3500/77M,TSI system 3500/92,3500/93 SIEMENS 6ES7532-5HF00-0AB0,6ES7954-8LC03-0AA0,6ES7531-7KF0 , 0-0AB0 SIEMENS 6ES7592-1AM00-0XB0,6ES7522-1BH01-0AB0,6ES7590-1AJ3 , 0-0AA0 SIEMENS 6ES7511-1AK01-0AB0,6ES7522-1BL01-0AB0,6ES7221-1BF3 , 2-0XB0 SIEMENS 6ES7231-5PF32-0XB0,6ES7223-1PL32-0XB0,6GK7242-5DX3 , 0-0XE0 SIEMENS 6ES7234-4HE32-0XB0,6ES72141AG40-0XB0,6ES7414-3EM06 , -0AB0 SIEMENS 6ES5 240-1AA21,6AV2124-1MC01-0AX0,6ES7 952-1AM00-0AA0 SIEMENS 6GK7 443-1EX20-0XE0,6ES73172AJ10-0AB0,6ES7315-2AH14-0AB , 0 SIEMENS 6ES7158-0AD01-0XA0,6ES7315-2EH14-0AB0,6SE7090-0XX8 , 4-0FE0

Minimum Order: 1 bags

Leonia haung
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Amikon Automation Limited
32D floor,Guomao building,Hubin South Road,Siming District,Xiamen City,Fujian Province,China.
xiamen 361009
4/23/21 18:38 GMT

Africa Cloth


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Royal Agro production
No 3, Varsity Avenue Road Tanke

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