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Contact: Chao Han
Company: Yinghui Automation Technology Co., Ltd.
gongye 2 rod,ChaoBai river industrial park of Dachang city,Hebei province
Dachang city,Hebei province 065001
Phone: 0316-5275900
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Date/Time:  6/10/21 6:40 GMT

Side Scanning Exposure Machine

1. Parallel parabolic rays(reflexive, non-degradative in energy)are applied,
whose performance is better than using Fresnel lens which is refractive and
degradative, the resolution is 25┬Ám.
2. Scanning exposure technique is applied, and the optical uniformity of the
exposed surface reaches more than 98%.
3. The lamps are powered by digital direct current with continuous adjustable
power rate and frequency, which is able to prolong the lifespan of the lamps
and save about 60% of the energy consumption comparing with traditional
transformer power supply.
4. The scanning range can be adjusted according to the size of the objects,
resulting in high efficiency.
5. The China Exposure Machine is equipped with hydro cooling systems to cool
the glass surface, avoiding from unexpected size changing of the objects due to
high temperature.
6. Equipped with a 7 inch color touch screen for display and control.
7. With memory capacity of 80groups of setting data.
8. Designed for high vacuity, resulting in minimal error between the scanned
object and the scanning graph.
9. The vacuity can be controlled, enabling a customized size of the scanning
10. Cold UV lamp is optional.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Side Scanning Exposure Machine
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