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Silence Space AR-S

In today’s open office layouts, it can be difficult to find a quiet space to
make a phone call. Even if you can find a spot away from the chatter of your
co-workers, you’re likely to be interrupted by passing foot traffic or
unexpected office noise.

That’s why call booths for office are becoming increasingly popular. A small,
quiet space, phone call booths provide the perfect place to make a call without
being distracted by your surroundings.

And because phone call booth office protect your privacy, you can focus on your
conversation without worrying about who might be listening in.

Whether you’re looking for a temporary place to take a call or a more
permanent solution for your office, personal work pod is an ideal option.

Our personal phone booth is consistent with the standard of environmental
rating. design value: Rw+Ctr 30dB( ±5dB) and RT0.25s( ±0.1s).

Fresh air
With the 125m³/h large air volume operation efficiency, it can be ensured that
there is good oxygen content and negative carbon dioxide pressure in your

Easy Install
With the use of a modular design, our silent booth only requires one type of
fastener for installation. This makes it easy and straightforward!

Silence space 1
Office Phone Booth facilities

100-240V/50-60Hz power supply.
4000k/421LM natural lighting system.
Turbo fresh air system.
Motion sensor and switch control for light and fan.
Emergency safety hammer.
Furniture options

ST-01 desk*1 SY-01 chair*1

Exterior size:

D936 x W1000 x H2300mm

(36.85″x 39.37″x 90.55″)

Inner size:

D900 x W840 x H2140mm

(35.43″x 33.07″x 84.25″)

Gross weight: 302kg

Net weight: 258kg

Capacity: For 1 person

ST-01 desk*1
The ergonomically designed furniture configuration for the silence space is an
important component of the silence phone call booth and leisure scenarios.

SY-01 chair*1
At the same time, Soundbox designers are prepared for predictable expansion.
each booth is pre-programmed with furniture installation nodes for different

As one of acoustic booth suppliers, we can offer kinds of related products for
sale, if you have needs, please contact us.

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

Silence Space AR-S
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