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Silica Absorbent Granule


Silica Absorbent Granule particles have a multi microporous structure. Silica
Absorbent Granule has strong adsorption capacity for leaked pollutant liquids
such as diesel, gasoline, engine oil, No. 2 flotation oil, toluene, xylene,
kerosene, nitrobenzene, formaldehyde, methanol and ethanol. Silica Absorbent
Granule can adsorb pollutant liquid equivalent to 6 times its weight (about 5-6
kg of oil and chemical liquid can be adsorbed per kg of Silica Absorbent
Granule). Silica Absorbent Granule provides a low-cost and environment-friendly
cleaning scheme for emergency liquid absorption treatment of oil leakage
pollution on land and at sea.


●Silica Absorbent Granule has hydrophilicity, lipophilicity, high liquid
absorption rate, fast liquid absorption rate and good oil-water selectivity.

● Silica Absorbent Granule is easy to transport and store, and can float on
the water before and after liquid absorption, with high oil retention rate.

● Silica Absorbent Granule has large adsorption capacity, good oil retention,
high adsorption efficiency and reduced treatment time. Silica Absorbent Granule
can reduce the consumption in the oil cleaning process by 80% and has low cost.


Silica Absorbent Granule is suitable for cleaning the oil slick on the surface
of reservoirs, lakes, sea surfaces and sewage tanks of sewage treatment plants.
Silica Absorbent Granule plays a great role in adsorbing oil leakage of plant
workshop equipment, leakage of liquid storage tank, cleaning of cabin, wharf
equipment, cabin oil, diesel leakage or chemical dangerous liquid.
Silica Absorbent Granule
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