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Silicone Prototyping

Soft Rubber rapid prototype, Hardness is generally between shore A 30~90
degrees, because soft rubber plastic prototype has flexibility, it is widely
used in the rapid prototype industry. The processing method of soft plastic
rapid prototype is relatively single, and it can only be processed by vacuum
Casting - that is use 3D printing or CNC processing to do a prototype, and
then use vacuum casting /silicone mold to copy the prototype, generally a
prototype can be copied 15~20 time.

Silicone Prototyping Material Properties

In the general plastic industry, PP, PE and other light gravity, material
surface hardness is relatively low plastic known as soft glue. And PS, ABS,
AS, hard PVC and other plastics can be called hard glue.

Silicone Rapid Prototyping Material Info
Brief introduction

Soft rubber rapid prototype is mainly processed by the way of silicone
compound mold, its advantages are fast time, less cost, good operation, no
deformation, no shrinkage, easy to dismantle the mold, the mold surface is
smooth, the simulation effect is good, the probability of processing failure
is small. 10-20 pieces of the same product can be copied by using a silica
gel mold. Generally, a set of silica gel mold can only be done about 10-20
times and can not be used. Reuse can produce deformation and large size
error. Soft rubber hand model because of these excellent properties, so its
application is very wide, Soft rubber hand model production steps can be
divided into three steps, before making silica gel mold, first of all to
make a prototype, the prototype can use the more common ABS material, can be
made by CNC processing or 3D printing; After the original is ready, began to
make silica gel mold, after curing, the silica gel mold is cut, take out the
prototype, at this time the silica gel mold is ready; The liquid material is
injected into the silica gel mold and dried. The service life of the silica
gel mold is about 10-20 times. In the silicone cast prototypes industry, as
long as the soft adhesive material is PU 8400.

If you want to know more kinds of rapid prototype silicone parts , please
visit our website.

As one of prototyping companies, we will do our best to meet all the needs
of customers.

Minimum Order: 1 packs

Silicone Prototyping
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