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SMD Resistor 0603 1/10W

SMD resistor are currently the most used electronic components, accounting for
about 35% of the total amount of electronic components. Its role can be imagined,
and it can basically be seen on the circuit boards of various electronic products.
Pingshang Technology's own brand, lower price with the same quality, better
quality at the same price!

The specifications of SMD resistor in our inventory are complete:

1. Package sizes include 0201 (0603), 0402 (1005), 0603 (1608), 0805 (2012), 1206
(3216), 1210 (3225), 1812 (4832), 2010 (5025), 2512 (6432);

2. The resistance specifications are in stock from 0Ω~100MΩ, and the
conventional specifications are available, and customized services are specially
launched. We can meet the resistance values you want!

3. The product type is mainly thick film SMD resistor, in addition to thin film
SMD resistor, precision resistor, alloy resistor, etc.

4. Accuracy includes J±5%, F±1%, and precision type ±0.5%, ±0.1%, ±0.05%,

The main functions of our SMD resistor include:

Current limiting, step-down, voltage division, impedance matching, filtering, etc.

Our SMD resistor products are mainly used in

1. Power Products

2. Lighting equipment

3. Automotive electronics

4. Medical equipment

5. Intelligent products

6. Network communication equipment

7. Instrumentation

8. Many fields such as automation equipment

Minimum Order: 20000 bags

SMD Resistor 0603 1/10W
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