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Contact: Mr. Harry Guo
Company: Special Magnesium(Hong Kong) Industry Limited
No.3 Wenming Road, Jinshan Industrial Park, Hebi National-level Technical Economic Development Area, Henan, China
Hebi 458000
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Date/Time:  5/13/22 5:59 GMT

Smooth Sacrificial ASTM Magnesium Anode Rod For Rv Water Heater

Magnesium is higher on the galvanic scale, producing more driving current
between the anode and the tank to better protect your tank over time
Magnesium produces less corrosion byproduct, reducing sediment buildup
Mg anodes will deteroriate in size while an aluminum anode will expand to
larger than its original diameter, making it difficult to remove for inspection

Product Type:

Magnesium rod


Magnesium alloy AZ31

Differnet kinds:

Casting rod,Extruded rod,Rod with steel cap,Flexible anode rod

Chemical composition:

Al:2.5-3.5%, Zn:0.6-1.4%,Mn:0.2-1.0%,Fe:0.005%max,,
Cu:0.01%max,Ni:0.001%max,Si:0.1%max, Other:0.3%max,Mg:Balance


Open-circuit voltage: 1.5-1.55V

Close-circuit voltage:1.45-1.50V

Actual capacitance: 1.105A.h/g

Current efficiency:50%min

Steel cap:

stainless steel,galvannized ,in black,coppper,etc.


It mainly used in water heater,boiler,heat exchanger,water tank,etc.

It can softenwater,de-dirt residual,ensure water sanitation,water scale
inhibition,protect inner tank,extend service life,etc.


The extruded anode rod can be with or without steel core,can be with steel cap
or only with screw;the size of cap/screw can be customilized by your specific

Mainly different kinds of steel cap and screw available.

The potential is relatively negative, the polarizability is low, the density is
small, the theoretical capacitance is large, the effective potential difference
with iron is large, and the protection radius is large.
Through secondary refining, high purity, less impurities and dense structure
Small grains, high current efficiency and good electrical properties
The content of flux slag is low
The surface is smooth, clean, free of pores, shrinkage cavities and slag
Products of different specifications can be designed and produced according to
user requirements to meet customer needs
Smooth Sacrificial ASTM Magnesium Anode Rod For Rv Water Heater
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