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Contact: Mr. liu
Company: Beijing Huaweiguochuang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Building 21, Junding Science Park Shijaizhuang Hebei China
Shijaizhuang 050000
Phone: 86-159-31673319
Fax: 86-159-31673319
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Date/Time:  6/14/22 3:10 GMT

SMT PCB Loader Machine LED Mounting 0402 SMD Table Top Smt Pick And Place M

Stock in Korea Japan Professional SMT Line LED Mounting Machine SMD Pick and
Place Machine smd led machine with Guide
The rapid development of Electronic Science and technology is inseparable from
the innovation of the technology of electronic manufacturing and processing
equipment,Designed to continuously reduce labor costs and improve
productivity,Whether their own products or processing SMES can meet their
needs,Gradually moving into the ranks of high speed and ultra high speed patch
machines.Full automatic 8 heads pick and place machine The performance is
stable and reliable, the software is easy to operate, and the scope of the
mounting is wide.It is not only possible Stable and accurate mounting Common
0201,0402,0603,0805,1206,1210,LED3528,LED5050, , diode,Triode,SOT and so on;Also
added mainly the following three functions: (1)The highlight of this new device
increased Professional mounting chip 500 million pixels High definition
imported industrial grade calibration camera as well as 500 million pixel high-
definition distortion free industrial visual lens;After technical breakthroughs
to improve Can be mounted 40*40mm Within the scope 0.2mm foot spacing(0.5mm
center distance) above the chip,The success rate is higher than 98%solve it
completely density chip foot as well as BGA chip Difficult to install problem.
(2) Added eight industrial-grade rapid recognition cameras,Eight cameras can be
identified at the same time ,Greatly improve the mounting efficiency,Almost
doubled on the basis of the original. (3)Increased Automatic scanning MARK
point as well as Three sections Automatic Get into Conveyor plate
function,Further improve the When replacing the PCB board Mount accuracy
Improve production efficiency,Make the operation more convenient and simpleļ¼›
and can be used with other equipment generate SMT assembly line. (4)Eight head
pick and place machine The core part of the upgrade is mainly embodied in
software algorithm deal with,This version In the programming area made a deep
level of data optimization,It is mainly embodied In the programming process
Fewer and fewer operators are involved,Most of the tedious work is done to the
computer.,What the operator needs to do is to follow the advice given by the
software Mount Feeder.
Panasonic high-speed DSP driver
Air Supply Requirements
oil water filter,> 60L dust filter and air pressure stabilizer etc
Vacuum Supply of Nozzle
Japanese CKD vacuum generator integrating the high-speed vacuum burst function
Range of Air Supply Pressure
independent research and development SMT intelligent OS based on Windows
Vision Display
17-inch industrial control display
German lgus durable flexible cable(10 million times)
Power Supply
220V 50/60Hz
Average Power
Machine Dimensions
SMT PCB Loader Machine LED Mounting 0402 SMD Table Top Smt Pick And Place M
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