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Solar Storage

Anern provides the most ideal outdoor LED anern lighting and indoor LED anern
lighting solution which can meet the requirements for uses in different
application conditions and environmental conditions. Purchase Anern LED flood
lights with direct factory supply at the best prices here.

As one of the leading solar energy storage companies, Anern industrial solar
battery storage series is the latest developed, a domestic solar battery
storage system that integrates the controller, inverter, and battery. The
integrated solar energy and battery storage system can save a large part of the
complicated installation steps, and it can be used immediately after connecting
the solar panels, which has played a very good role in promoting the
popularization of solar power generation systems. At present, the Anern mainly
provide both home solar battery storage and small commercial solar battery
storage system. These two types of markets are now in a stage of rapid
development. Many qualified families and enterprises have begun to try to use
convenient integrated solar power energy storage systems. In addition,
governments of various countries also provide integrated solar energy storage
systems for some families lacking electricity to ensure their daily electricity

Solar Storage

The integrated solar lithium battery solar and energy storage system adopts
lithium batteries as a built-in battery type. Lithium batteries have the
characteristics of small size, light weight, high capacity de...
All-in-one Lithium Battery Solar Storage System

All-in-one Lead-acid Battery Solar Storage System
The integrated solar battery energy storage system adopts lead-acid or gel
batteries for electricity storage. Compared with lithium batteries, the volume
and weight of lead-acid /gel batteries under t...

Advantages of Solar Storage
Innovative integrated design, convenient transportation, simple installation,
and use, the first choice for household solar power generation systems.
With an MPPT controller, the solar energy conversion efficiency is as high as
98%, and it only takes 5-6 hours a day (good light conditions) to fully charge
the battery.
There are two options of built-in storage batteries: lead-acid/gel battery
and lithium battery, both of which adopt brand-new batteries with long service
life and meet the requirements of different customers for batteries.
Energy storage systems from 500W to 5000W are available for customers to
choose from, and customized solar power storage solutions can be provided.

FAQs of Solar Storage
Q After purchasing an integrated solar energy storage system, do I need
additional controllers and inverters?
A The integrated solar energy storage system integrates the controller,
inverter, and battery into one integral box, and it can be used normally only
by purchasing solar panels without an extra controller and inverter.

Q Can the battery of the integrated solar energy storage system be increased?
A The system we configured has a variety of battery capacities for customers to
choose, which can be selected according to actual needs. Of course, we can also
provide customized services. Please provide your requirements to our sales
staff, and we will customize it for you.

Q How long can the integrated solar energy storage system be used when its
battery is fully charged?
A This needs to be determined according to the power you choose and the total
power of the electrical appliances used. Generally, you can refer to the power
of the built-in battery. The daily power consumption can be used within the
range of the battery power.

Q I want to buy a set for use in my own home, how do I purchase it?
A Our system is mainly provided to business partners and local solar system
installation companies. The import difficulty and cost for self-use customers
are relatively high. It is recommended to ask our sales staff whether there are
partners in your country to provide related products.

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Solar Storage
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