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Greenshine commercial solar LED street lights provide high intensity lighting
at night while consuming no electricity. These fantastic lights are extremely
cost-effective, best for enhancing safety, easy to install, and require no
monthly fees for electricity usage. In addition, they use top-quality
components that last several years so your investment will keep shining
continuously, every night, for a long time.

All In One Solar Street Lighting
All In One Solar Street Light 20W
All In One Solar Street Light 30W
All In One Solar Street Light 40W
All In One Solar Street Light 50W

Solar Outdoor Light
Solar Outdoor Light 20W
Solar Outdoor Light 30W
Solar Outdoor Light 40W

Solar Led Street Light
9 Watt Solar Street Light
12 Watt Solar Street Light
15 Watt Solar Street Light
20 Watt Solar Street Light

Pole Solar Street Light
Pole Solar Street Light 01
Pole Solar Street Light 02
Pole Solar Street Light 03
Pole Solar Street Light 04

Decorative Solar Street Lights

Mini Solar Street Light
Mini Solar Street Light 510
Mini Solar Street Light 515
Mini Solar Street Light 520
Mini Solar Street Light 530

Split Solar Street Lighting

Integrated Solar Street Light
Integrated Solar Street Light 15W
Integrated Solar Street Light 30W
Integrated Solar Street Light 60W

Residential Solar Street Lights

Tips on How to Buy Solar Street Light
1. Private Users: You don't really need to focus on finding a brand with every
component included. You can choose a solar lamp company as our Second Sun,
owning the products with built-in battery and solar panel. We, specialized in
solar street lamp system, solar road lighting system in China, will offer you
solar street lights for sale with affordable price.

2. Commercial User or Company: You need to consider the Installation. It can
cause a lot of problems if it is hard to install with multiple units.

3. Industrial users and Government Projects: it is the complex problems. They
also may require custom solar street lighting systems which is why there needs
to be a body examining the use and depioyment of this technology in different
areas and application.

4. To be attention to review the qualifications of solar street light
suppliers, the Certifications of its products, the past similar projects and
the Terms and Conditions.

5. Batteries of solar road lighting systems are the main store of energy
generated by the sun. They must be both durable and easily replaceable, which
is ensured you can easily find a replacement or alternative in the market.

6. The most of these products are installed and used outdoors, such as outdoor
solar street lamps. And they should be used under extreme weather, so the
durability, moisture and heat-resistance is the key factors to given

7. The pole of solar street light should be sturdy and be able to withstand its
weight. It should also be designed to stay erect even in bad weather conditions
as typhoons.

The Light Intensity and Irradiated Area are additional things to consider.

How does solar street light works?
Solar street lighting system use the principle of photovoltaic effect of solar
cells. During the day, the solar panels absorb solar photon energy to generate
electric energy to charge the battery pack through the controller. The battery
in the solar street lamp system provides power to the LED lighting when night
falls or the light around the solar road lamp is low.

How much do solar street lights cost?
Our Solar Street Lights in different types cost anywhere from $40.00 to
$468.00. The solar powered lights price depends on the requirements of the
system and customers. General speaking, it is the fast recovery of solar
street light input cost: One-time investment, no capital risk.

Solar Street Light Installation/How to Install Solar Street Light
Before open the package, please have a check whether the accessories are
complete, then choose the best lighting position for pole and turn on the solar
road light with the ejector pin before installation.

Multi-function Base Installation:

1. Screw the base on to the solar road light body.

2. Turn the lamp body and the solar panel up, the base down, set into the lamp

3. Tighten the screws.

4. It can adjust the angle freely: Unload the base screw-adjust to a suitable
angle-fasten the buckle-tighten the screw.

Horizontal Type Sleeve Installation

1. Screw the base on to the solar road lamp body.

2. Turn the solar road lamp body and the solar panel up, the base down, set
into the lamp pole.

3. Tighten the screws.

Installation with nail light on the wall

After hole punch on the wall, make sure the base match the hole and then
tighten the screw.

Vertical Type Sleeve Installation

1. Screw the base on to the lamp body.

2. Turn the lamp body and the solar panel up, the base down, set into the lamp

3. Tighten the screws.

Anchor Installation

1. Tighten the light body and anchor, to hold the pole hardly and then tighten
the screw.

2. Finished installation of integrated solar light.

The adjustable street light needs to be installed with an adjustable base and a
anchor to hold pole hardly, and then the angle of the light body and adjustable
base can be fixed by screws.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

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