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Source-potassium fulvic acid

Product: Source-potassium fulvic acid
Properties:The mineral source fulvic acid is a kind of short carbon
chain molecular structure substance extracted from natural humic acid. It has
high loading capacity and high physiological activity. It has the following
advantages: it can make plant use better, control plant diseases and enhance
waterlogging resistance, stimulate plant micro-biological activity, slow-
release fertilizer, improve fertilizer and pesticide utilization, improve
nutrient absorption and promote plant Germination and growth The function of
accelerating precipitation decomposition and improving soil structure.
Appearance: black acid,
flaky water soluble: 100%
humic acid (dry base) : ≥55%
Fulvic acid (dry base) : ≥50%
potassium oxide: 12%
ph: (alkaline)9-11
Applications:1. Improve soil to stimulate plant root growth:
Supplement soil carbon source, increase organic matter and humic acid, promote
the formation of soil pellet structure, reduce encrustation, stimulate
microbial activity, promote root growth, seed germination.
2.Increase your fertility:
The complex nitrogen element can reduce the volatilization of ammonia nitrogen,
delay the decomposition of urea nitrogen, and improve the utilization of
nitrogen fertilizer. Inhibition of soil phosphorus fixation, so that the
ineffective phosphorus into effective phosphorus, promote the absorption of
phosphorus in the roots. The absorption and storage of potassium ions can
increase the content of available potassium, and Fulvic acid can chelate with
some trace and medium elements to form a good solubility chelate, which is
beneficial to the absorption of crops.
3.Improving plant quality
FULVIC ACID and some bivalent heavy metal ions form insoluble substance,
reducing the toxicity to crops. The synthesis and operation of sugar, starch,
protein and all kinds of vitamins are stimulated by enzyme (such as
polysaccharide enzyme) , which can transform polysaccharide into soluble
monosaccharide and improve the sweetness of fruit.

Storage and transportation: It must be kept in a well-ventilated, cool, dry
place, away from heat/ignition sources and out of direct sunlight.
Package: 25/50KG woven bag lined with plastic bags, or according to the
requirements of customers. 
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