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Stork Ultrasound Probe

Affordable and Handheld Portable Ultrasound Device For Everyone
Stork has a wide range of ultrasound transducers to cover whole-body
examinations and to meet different clinical requirements. Three series of
different ultrasound probes: H31C/L, S31C/L,Lite31C/L/P.

Stork types of probes used in ultrasound: Standard Linear wireless ultrasound
probe, Convex portable ultrasound probe, Phased Array probes.

Stork handheld ultrasound probes can easily connect with tablets or phones by
scanning the QR code. The cable-free design makes customers convenient to use.

Strong Power

With the built-in 6000 mAh Lithium battery, the continuous working hour of
ultrasound machine probes can last 3 hours. Moreover, the wireless charger
makes charging more easier.

More Imaging Modes

Stork has four imaging modes B/C/M/PW to extend the application scenarios of
the ultrasound transducer probe.

Better Performance

Stork ultrasound scan probes have 32 channels and 128 elements, therefore the
imaging quality can exceed some competitive brands of handheld ultrasound, even
some portable ultrasound scanners.

Automatic Recognition Scan Easier

At present, Stork has developed its own artificial intelligence guidance of
somebody parts such as carotid artery and IMT. This guidance of the wireless
connectivity will help novices to scan easier.

FAQs Of Stork Ultrasound Probe
What is a phased array ultrasound transducer?
A phased array ultrasound transducer is typically 2-3 cm long, consisting of
64-128 elements. Phased arrays mean the array arranged in a specific sequence
in order to direct the sound wave in a specific direction. A phased array
ultrasound probe typically has a smaller footprint than a linear or curved
array probe, but can still image a large area.

What can you use the Phased Array transducer for?
The Phased Array transducer can be applied in Cardiac examinations and
Abdominal examinations

What is the element of transducers?
The element is the most important component of the transducer. It is a thin
disc of piezoelectric material near the front surface of the transducer. The
crystal material may possess its piezoelectric properties naturally, but more
commonly, the piezoelectric properties are artificially induced using a
combination of thermal and electrical treatment.

What is the principle of ultrasonic transducer?
Ultrasound propagates in the human body. Due to the acoustic characteristics of
various tissues of the human body, the ultrasonic waves produce reflection,
refraction, scattering, diffraction, attenuation at the interface of two
different tissues, and the relative movement of the sound source and receiver
produces Doppler shift also other physical properties. Receiving the reflected
and scattered signal to display various tissue lesions and morphological, then
combine the pathology to clinical observation, make the analyze and summarize
for the different reflection law also the lesion degree of functional barrier
properties then make a diagnosis. This is the working principle of an
ultrasonic transducer.

What is inside an ultrasound probe?
There are sensors, chips, and lithium batteries inside a portable ultrasound

What's the advantage of handheld ultrasound?
Advantages of ultrasound probe: Accurate and Instant Diagnoses; Improved
Patient Throughput; Affordable Care; A Boon in Emergency Settings; Increased
Patient Engagement; Improved Ease of Operation and Convenience; Availability of
Many Features and Options.

How do you disinfect a ultrasound probe?
Step1: Use the Glutaraldehyde solution for disinfection. Step2: The head of the
curved ultrasound probe coated with a gel and then cap with a sterile cover,
the examination site with saline or sterile cotton ball to wipe can be used to
replace disinfection for the sonography probe. Be careful when you disinfect a
linear transducer ultrasound.

How to do a thyroid examination´╝č
Thyroid ultrasound is a so simple and quick procedure. There is almost without
special preparation that you only need to be bare-necked. And due to the
medical ultrasonic gel smeared on the mobile ultrasound probe during the
examination, you will need to wipe the gel remaining in the overlying skin with
some tissues. The convex array transducer is to the benefits of imaging of
abdomen, kidney, obstetrics.

How should treat or maintain the transducers?
Transducers are important and expensive, so you have to caution that:
1.Do not throw, drop, or knock the transducer
2.Don't cover the snowflakes fan(its a cooling fan)on the H/S transducers in
3.Wipe the gel from the transducer after each use
4.Do not sluice with alcohol-based confections
5.Keep water from the snowflakes fan, it's not waterproof.

Minimum Order: 1 sets

Stork Ultrasound Probe
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