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Strontium Peroxide

The application scope of strontium peroxide formula is mainly industrial
bleaching agent, detergent and oxidant.

Strontium peroxide is widely used as a bleaching agent in households and
industries, as well as detergents and oxidants. At the same time, strontium
peroxide is also used as a bleaching agent in papermaking, textile and other
industries, a cleaning agent for different public facilities, as well as a
metal surface treatment agent, a medical disinfectant and a deodorant. Food
grade is mainly used as a milk preservative.

Chemical Structural Formula of Strontium Peroxide
Barium Peroxide CAS 1314187

Technical Sheet of Strontium Peroxide

Emergency Treatment of Strontium Peroxide

isolate the contaminated area and restrict access. It is suggested that
emergency treatment personnel should wear dust masks (full-face masks) and gas
protective clothing. Do not come into direct contact with the leakage. Do not
let the leakage come into contact with organic matter, reducing agent and
inflammable substance.

A small amount of leakage: avoid dust, sweep carefully, and collect in a closed

A large amount of leakage: covered with plastic cloth and canvas. Then they are
collected and recycled or transported to the waste disposal site for disposal.

Application of Strontium Peroxide

Strontium peroxide widely used as household and industrial bleach, detergent,

It is also used as a bleaching agent for the paper industry, textile industry,
cleaning agent for public facilities, treating agent for metal surface,
disinfectant for medicine and deodorant, etc. Food grade is mainly used for
making milk preservative.

Strontium peroxide can be used as tracer bullets, shells and fireworks ignition
agent, oxide cathode materials

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Packaging of Strontium Peroxide

Net Weight: 25kgs / Iron Drum
Strontium Peroxide
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