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Super Directional Speaker

Audfly super directional speaker has broken through the traditional "divergent"
transmission mode of sound and created a new situation of focused sound
transmission and accurate broadcasting. Without using a large speaker array,
the sound can also be highly directional and projected to a specific area,
creating an accurate, quiet, independent audio space that does not interfere
with the surrounding environment.

Types of Directional Loudspeakers for Sale
Audfly highly directional speaker series includes wall-mounted directional
speaker, ceiling-mounted mono directional speaker, portable Bluetooth
directional speaker, super directional soundbar, customized directional
speaker, etc. Our directional speaker series can be customized in many
different colors, shapes, and sizes. If the directional speaker you need is not
in our current speaker series, our team can customize the solution to meet your
color, installation, or technical requirement.

Directional Wall Mounted Speaker
Audfly directive speakers are specially designed for applications such as
museums, galleries, etc. with wall-mounted installation methods. It doesn't
take up extra space and is convenient for people to best experience directional
Audfly B2 Directional Speaker & Directional Sound Amplifier
Audfly B1 Directional Ultrasonic Parametric Speaker

Ceiling Mounted Directional Speaker
Many applications such as museums. supermarkets. luxury stores. etc. pursue a
high-quality consumer experience. Audfly Long range directional speaker provide
directional sound without occupying the space of the application scene.
Bringing customers an immersive listening experience.
Audfly R2 Ceiling Speakers Round For Museum
Audfly R1 Ceiling Mounted Directional Speakers

Bluetooth Directional Speaker
Audfly's R & D Dept and Production Dept pursue to move with the times.
combining ultrasonic cutting-edge technology with Bluetooth technology to
design and produce world-class super mini directional speakers.
Audfly Mini Portable Directional Speaker With Bluetooth
Audfly Ultrasonic Transducer Speaker with Bluetooth

Super Directional Soundbar
Audfly not only has mini directional speakers but also has a very large-sized
long ultrasound directional soundbar, which is suitable for many scenarios that
require better quality and higher volume.
Audfly L1 Acoustic Directional Soundbar
Audfly Audio Spotlight Directional Speaker

Customized Directional Speaker
Audfly has a complete system including design, software & hardware. production,
packaging, logistics, and after-sales service. Therefore, Audfly has the
ability to provide customers with various customized services, ODM and OEM are
both ok.

Advantages of Audfly Super Directional Speaker
- 01 -
The unique directional audio technology of super directional speaker can make
the sound directional transmission, clear and direct.

Advantages of Audfly Super Directional Speaker
- 02 -
Compact and light, various installation forms, suitable for various commercial

Advantages of Audfly Super Directional Speaker
- 03 -
Target the audio transmission just like the light beam. Leaving the surrounding
sound environment not disturbed.

How Directional Speakers Work
Compared with conventional loudspeakers, the main difference between Audfly
directional audio speaker and conventional loudspeakers is that Audfly
directional audio speakers apply many ultrasonic array transducers as sound
generating units, combined with a series of algorithms Audfly developed,
through the medium's nonlinear interaction, the directional propagation of
sound at a specific angle is finally realized.

The advantages of ultrasonic speaker array is its higher-frequency waves with a
relatively shorter wave length and spread out less as they travel. Meanwhile,
having an array of many, small transducers makes sound disperse less than it
would do from a single, large transducer, ensures balanced sound quality of
directional speakers audio transmission. That is what we called Audfly
Directional Sound Technology.

How Directional Speakers Work๎žฏ

FAQs about Audfly Directional Sound Speaker
How many parts does a directional sound system consist of? What are they?
Generally speaking, a whole directional sound system consists of 5 parts,
including a speaker panel(emitters), amplifiers, power adapter, audio cable,
brackets, etc. Some of our directive speakers are with built-in amplifiers to

Where can Audfly directional audio speakers be used?
Is your directional loudspeaker easy to install?
What are the main functions of your directional sound speakers?
Super Directional Speaker
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