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Company: Guangdong Zhongcai Education Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Date/Time:  8/17/23 9:44 GMT

Teach-in board for engine lubrication systems

Product Introduction
The equipment adopts gasoline engine lubrication system for dissection, and
comprehensively displays the internal and external structure of the engine
lubrication system (complete components, reasonable profile position).
Supplemented by color engine lubrication system structure schematic diagram, it
can effectively enhance the teaching effect.
Second, functional characteristics
1. Anatomical processing of the lubrication system, spraying different colors
on each profile, fully displaying the internal and external structure of the
engine lubrication system.
2. The teach-in board panel adopts high-grade aluminum-plastic panel that is
resistant to impact, pollution, fire and moisture, and the surface is treated
by special process spraying primer; The panel is printed with a color circuit
diagram and working principle diagram that will never fade; Students can
intuitively compare the structural schematic diagram and physical object of the
engine lubrication system to understand and analyze the working principle of
the engine lubrication system.
3. LED lights of different colors are installed on the panel of the teach
board, and the flow direction of lubricating oil in the engine oil circuit can
be dynamically demonstrated by the sequential flashing of LED lights.
4. The teach-in board panel is equipped with a detection terminal, which can
directly detect the electrical signals of each circuit component of the sliding
system, such as resistance, voltage, current, frequency signal, etc. on the
5. The panel part of the teaching board adopts 1.5mm cold plate stamping
forming structure, which has a beautiful appearance; the bottom frame part
adopts steel structure welding, the surface adopts spraying process, with self-
locking caster device, and the base of the teaching board is equipped with a
desktop of about 40cm, which is convenient for placing data, light testing
instruments, etc.
6. The teaching board works with ordinary 220V AC power supply, which is
converted into 12V DC power supply by internal circuit voltage transformation
rectification, without battery, reducing the trouble of charging, and 12V DC
power supply has anti-short circuit function.
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