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TEI Racing Big Brake Kit Integrated Electronic Parking Brake For Rear Wheel

P4-Explore Integrated Electronic Parking Brake System

An electronic parking brake (EPB), also known as an electric parking brake or
electric park brake, is an electronically controlled parking brake, whereby the
driver activates the holding mechanism with a button and the brake pads are
electrically applied to the rear wheels.[1] This is accomplished by an
electronic control unit (ECU) and an actuator mechanism. There are two
mechanisms that are currently in production, Cable puller systems and Caliper
integrated systems.EPB systems can be considered a subset of Brake-by-wire


Apart from performing the basic vehicle holding function required of park
brakes, the EPB systems provide other functions like automatic release of the
park brakes when the driver presses the accelerator or slips the clutch, and
re-clamping using additional force on detection of vehicle motion.[2] Further,
the hill-hold function, which applies brakes to prevent roll-back when pulling
away on a gradient, can also be implemented using the EPB

A new design of integrated Electric Parking Brake system, called iEPB and
integrated in the brake caliper, is introduced in this paper. It consists of an
electrically operated brake unit and a hydraulically pressed unit
independently, and uses a special self-locking mechanism instead of a screw
device to increase the efficiency and the working speed. With all conventional
EPB system’s advantages, it also provides a stronger brake performance and a
faster reaction time. In this paper, we describe the working principle of this
new design at first, and then introduce the arrangement of the testing system,
followed by a discussion of experimental data. The testing results prove the
feasibility of this design. The conclusion paragraph summarizes the key points
about the design of the iEPB system. INTRODUCTION The iEPB system is more
convenient and safety than traditional parking systems. It’s operated and
released automatically. With integrated intelligent function, the iEPB system
has the following merits: • Replace a hand lever by an operation button. •
Because of no hand lever, there is more space in the vehicle. • Combining a
control unit, the iEPB system can be automatically operated and released at the
right time, which makes the operation simpler and the driver to feel more
comfortable and safer. • With high performance mechanism, the iEPB system has a
faster reaction time. So we can provide the Auto-Hold function by adopting the
iEPB system. There are two types of existing electric parking brake. One type
is the cable puller[3], and the other is the integrated caliper[4]. This new
design belongs to the integrated caliper type. Almost 100% integrated caliper
type of market products use the screw device as its linear mechanism. The screw
device can provide a large reduction ratio in a small space and transfer the
rotation motion into linear motion with a non-reverse feature. But a low
mechanical efficiency due to the screw friction makes a great energy lose. In
this paper, we introduce a new design that is a type of screw free concept.
Basing on the same power source, the screw free design can reduce about three-
quarter reaction time of the system

SYSTEM DESCRIPTION For improving working speed, enhancing mechanism efficiency
and providing a non-reverse feature at the same time, the iEPB mechanism design
is the key point. The important factors that need to be considered include:

Caliper pressing force. • Working time of the actuator. • Power consumption. •
Parking force that can be maintained when power off.
TEI Racing Big Brake Kit Integrated Electronic Parking Brake For Rear Wheel
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