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The ABS Linear Encoder With Serial Interface MR-PWCNS5 Motor Part

Driver: mr-h ACN series ssc-net compatible AC same service rated output: 0.2KW
The same server controller can easily convert the operation module and Fieldbus
module through the automation interface
At the same time, different fieldbus modules are used to realize different
control modes (RS232, RS485, optical fiber, INTERBUS and PROFIBUS), while the
control mode of general frequency converter is compared with single-mr-pwcns5.
The servo controller is directly connected to the resolver or encoder to form a
closed-loop mr-pwcns5 for speed and displacement control, while the general
frequency converter can only form an open-loop control system mr-pwcns5
The control indexes of servo controller (such as steady-state accuracy and
dynamic performance) are better than general frequency converter. Optical fiber
length: 0.5m. Sscneti application cable (standard optical fiber used in the
control cabinet).
Connector for cn1a and cn1b, Mitsubishi Shenji general AC servo amplifier
melcervo-j3 series mr-pwcns5, rated output: 5.0kw.
Interface type: sscnet Ⅲ optical fiber communication type. Power
specification: three-phase AC400V.
By using sscnet III high-speed serial communication with the fastest
communication cycle of 0.44ms between the motion controller and the servo
amplifier, a fully synchronous control system can be constructed.
Just insert the special optical fiber into the connector to form the sscnet
network, which greatly reduces the wiring work and the possibility of
Due to the use of optical fiber communication, the anti noise ability is
greatly improved, and the original Mitsubishi mr-pwcns5 can realize long-
distance wiring up to 800m (the maximum 50m x16 axis between stations)
Provide servo amplifier mr-j3-b-rj006 meeting the full closed-loop control
function. It is suitable for the optimization and adjustment of the same
clothes of dry machinery!
More advanced optimization adjustment function and control function to maximize
the mechanical performance. Mitsubishi Electric general AC servo amplifier
melcervo - J3 series.
Rated output: 7.0kw original Mitsubishi mr-pwcns5 interface type: sscnet Ⅲ
optical fiber communication type. Special specification: full closed loop
control type. Power specification: three phase ac200v. High precision and high
response positioning control.
The full closed-loop control with high response can be realized through double
feedback control,
The dual feedback control can be performed when switching between the servo
motor encoder and the load side encoder. Mr-j3-b-rj006 can be used with linear
encoders from many manufacturers.
Users can build the original Mitsubishi mr-pwcns5 system according to their own
accuracy requirements. The ABS linear encoder with serial interface can easily
build an absolute position detection system without installing a battery on the
servo amplifier. Flexible system configuration.
Higher positioning accuracy of negative cutting side can be achieved! Length of
line: 5m P grade: IP67. Bending life: standard.
Dry he-kp / hf-mpihf-sp / hf-jp / hc-lp / hc-up series for encoder cable.
Optical fiber length: 40m. Sscnet Ⅲ cable (long-distance optical fiber, high
bending life). Connector for cn1a and cn1b, 1-axis servo amplifier.
Mitsubishi universal AC servo amplifier melcervo-j4 series. Rated output:
11.0kw. Interface: sscnet Ⅲ / h. Power supply: two-phase AC400V
Only servo amplifiers above 0.6kw and 1kW. The same server amplifier supporting
sscnet Ⅲ / h.
A fully synchronous system using high-speed serial optical communication can be
It can be combined with the servo system controller to maximize the functional
performance of the servo system Mitsubishi DC servo motor. Improve mechanical
performance through high-performance motor.
By improving the resolution and processing speed of the encoder
Make the rotary servo machine have higher precision positioning performance and
smoother rotation performance. Connector kit for motor power supply.
Just turn on the one click adjustment function to adjust the servo gain of
Mitsubishi DC servo motor, including mechanical resonance filter, high-end
seismic control II, low-pass zhenwave device.
Easily start the advanced anti-seismic function to maximize the mechanical
performance. And can automatically implement the responsiveness setting
required for immediate and automatic adjustment.

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

The ABS Linear Encoder With Serial Interface MR-PWCNS5 Motor Part
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