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The reputation of AAK Hydraulic Valves is my life to me

What is the value of hydraulic valve manufacturers? How should I view the
business of my company?
The starting point of all businesses is to benefit users. To benefit users is
to provide "value" and "benefits" to users. When our R & D department wants to
develop a new hydraulic valve, I ask them to know what function is very
important, but also to figure out what users want, and creatively meet their
The core responsibility of the operator of the hydraulic valve manufacturer is
to seek the potential. Potential energy is to find the enhanced circuit of
enterprises and businesses and make the flywheel rotate. How do I find the
enhancement circuit of AAK Hydraulic Valves?
As an operator of hydraulic valve manufacturers, the most important core for me
is reputation. But what is driving the improvement of "reputation"? Daily
articles about the difficult and miscellaneous problems of hydraulic valves,
such as how to help customers solve the problems that peers can't solve. So,
what is driving the emergence of articles? Professional skills, on paper, will
only be laughed at. It must sink into research and development, innovation,
production, materials, equipment, technology, to analyze specific situations
and solve specific problems, so as to be professional. However, what is
promoting the accumulation of "professional skills"? Reputation. Only with an
excellent reputation, can there be many high-quality hydraulic valve customers,
allowing you to accompany, so that you can gain a lot of knowledge and
practice. Did you find it? "Reputation - (+) > professional skills - (+) >
Article - (+) > reputation", an enhancement loop, surfaced.
When I draw my flywheel, I am a very clear standard in my heart. I decided not
to do anything other than pushing the flywheel. As long as it's not pushing the
flywheel, don't do it. Once, an old customer introduced me to an Indian
customer who can purchase 1,800 hydraulic valves every month. I was very moved,
but I declined this Indian customer. Because the hydraulic valves he needs to
purchase are very common market goods, and most hydraulic valve manufacturers
can do it well. Helping him solve the supply of hydraulic valves may not help
me improve my reputation. In terms of customers, we are the supplier of
HydraForce for 9 consecutive years, which has improved my reputation. This is
on my flywheel.
The essence of business is transaction, and in the transaction, you can only
exchange something with the value you provide. For example, if you offer
something worth 100 yuan, theoretically you can only get back 100 yuan. If you
occasionally get more money than the value you offer, it will be taken away one
day. Any transaction is not just completed one time.
Hydraulic valve trading is also to exchange commodities for money. The
manufacturer takes the hydraulic valve, the customer takes the money, and we
will exchange it. However, I think there is a more advanced transaction before
this transaction. This transaction is not to exchange goods for money, but to
exchange content for time. For example, I wrote an article on hydraulic valves,
and then you spent some time here because you were attracted by the content of
AAK Hydraulic Valves. The transaction of exchanging goods for money actually
takes place in time. For example, you take time to watch my short video, in
which I introduced a hydraulic valve, and then you came to inquire.
The first transaction is actually the soil of the second transaction. Only when
it occupies the customer's mind or time first, it is possible to trade goods
with him. However, the vast majority of hydraulic valve manufacturers only pay
attention to the second transaction and look everywhere for the transaction of
commodity for money. AAK Hydraulic Valves constantly release content, so that
more customer cases can help those customers who have suffered losses in
purchasing hydraulic valves, so as to consolidate the trust of AAK.
AAK Hydraulic Valves, only for reputation. , o-detail/hydraulic-valve-manufacturers-aak297
The reputation of AAK Hydraulic Valves is my life to me
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