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Trailer Tire

Trailer tyres for sale are designed with stronger sidewalls than an equivalent
car one, which means less flex and less trailer sway from side-to-side when
going around corners or driving through cross-winds.
The sizes of trailer tires on a vehicle are broken into main groups 12 inches
and smaller and 13 inches and larger. Sizes 12 inches and smaller are generally
listed by a two number size, such as 4.80-8 or 5.70-12. The first number in
this size is the width of the tread, the second number is the size of the rim
that it mounts on.
Trailer tyres for sale typically have C, D, or E load ranges. A load range 'C'
tire, for example, is at its peak load capacity—possibly 1600 pounds—when
it's inflated to its maximum pressure of 50 PSI. A load range 'C' tire at 25
PSI might be able to support a load of 990 pounds, while at 40 PSI, that
capacity could be 1300 pounds.
Trailer Tire for Sale
Truck Tire AR188
AR188 is engineered with a deep tread for long wear and it's an excellent steer
and trailer application tire which is ideal for highway applications.
light duty
Features of Truck Tyre AR188
Special tread compound formula brings better wear resistance.
Suitable for mid-long distance on all kinds of good road.
It has superior driving and braking force as well as ground grip.
Wheel Positions of Truck Tyre AR188
Technical Parameters of Truck Tyre AR188
Size Ply Rating Tread Depth(mm) Load INdex Speed Symbol
KG(LBS.)Load Capacity Pressure Kpa(PSI) Standard Rim
Single Dual
11.00R20 16PR 16.0 150/147 J 3350(7385) 3075(6780)
830(120) 8.0
11.00R20 18PR 16.0 152/149 J 3550(7830) 3250(7160)
930(135) 8.0
Know More About Tailer Tyres For Sale?
What is the weight of trailer tyres for sale?
For Trailer position tire, for example, Aulice's AR7371. Weight of it ranges
from 58kg to 64kg for different sizes, including 11R22.5 and 12R22.5.
What does 12R22.5 mean?
For instance, a 12R22.5 is a standard aspect radial tire. 12 means the nominal
tread width measured in inches. R is the capital of Radial, and 22.5 would be
the wheel diameter measured, which is measured in inches.
Which is better bias or radial trailer tires?
Bias-ply tires for classic cars have hard sidewalls, so if your rig tends to
swing, they may help reduce this problem. They also have advantages in handling
heavy objects. Radial tires for sale are much better in terms of tread wear.
However, what makes off road trailer tires wear out is not tread wear, but
Do trailer tires need to be balanced?
Since the main task of trailer tyres for sale is to support vertical loads,
rather than grabbing the car when turning, trailer tires on a vehicle do not
need to be dynamically balanced like car tires. Compared with car tires,
trailer tires don’t concern that much about steering and turning.
Why do trailer tires wear out so fast?
The working condition of trailer tyres for sale makes the off road trailer
tyres wear out fast. Put simply, the uneven road puts more weight and pressure
on one axis instead of evenly distributing weight to all wheels/trailer tires
on a vehicle.
With the first established plant of all-steel radial truck tire in 2012, AULICE
strive to meet the growing demand in developing markets and ensure our
customers enjoy high-quality tires at reasonable prices. AULICE owns it's over
20 years experienced R&D team and research institute of formula, structure,
technology.As a professional off road tire manufacturers, Hubei Aulice Tyre
Co., Ltd provide Aulice Tyre, cheap tractor trailer tires , if you want to buy
trailer tyres, please leave a message.RFQ today.

Minimum Order: 7000 pieces

Trailer Tire
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