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Transport Industrial 0.4kW Steel Gravity Roller Oil Resistant Mining Roller

Transport Industrial 0.4kW Steel Gravity Roller Oil Resistant Mining Roller

Mining Belt Conveyor Steel Roller Standard Or Customized Transport Industrial

With the continuous update of new materials, cermet materials have the
characteristics of high hardness and high hardness. In addition, it has strong
chemical stability, good metal toughness and plasticity, especially expanded
ceramics have high hardness and melting point, and excellent electrical
conductivity, which makes the boride metal lines a metal with broad prospects for
making money. ceramics. If this type of cermet is applied to the roller material,
the manufacturing accuracy and service life of the roller will be improved.

From the above three aspects, the accuracy of the idler is poor, the lateral force
of the bearing is too large, the tube body is corroded or the process of the idler
is improved in three aspects. The new material roller produced in this way has been
tested in practice and has won market demand and affirmation, and has become a
direction and goal for the roller to adapt to modern large-scale production and
large future demand.

The use of new materials such as molecular weight polyethylene as the polyethylene
roller of the roller tube body has many obvious advantages

in terms of performance compared with metal rollers:

① Molecular weight polyethylene is a linear and flexible molecule with a lower
friction coefficient than conventional materials. It has a high self-lubricating
performance index and reduces the wear of the belt to a minimum, which extends the
service life of the belt.
② The molecular weight polyethylene roller has good performance, can adapt to
harsh production links, and prolongs the life cycle of the roller.
③ The molecular weight polyethylene roller has strong anti-adhesion properties, so
that it can work normally even in the working condition of water or oil medium.
④Because of the light weight of the material, the maintenance and installation are
simple and easy, and the green operation is realized, and the noise and working
environment are reduced.
⑤ Its performance enables it to have sufficient performance under the end working

Conveyor roller parameters

Material of tube Tube diameter&Thickness WT D1 D2
Galvanized steel tube + plastic tapper cover Φ 50*1.5 250 Φ 52.9 Φ
300 Φ 56 Φ 74.9
350 Φ 52.9 Φ 74.9
400 Φ 56 Φ 81.1
450 Φ 52.9 Φ 81.1
500 Φ 56 Φ 87.4
550 Φ 52.9 Φ 87.4
600 Φ 56 Φ 93.7
650 Φ 52.9 Φ 93.7
700 Φ 56 Φ 100
750 Φ 52.9 Φ 100
800 Φ 56 Φ 106.3
850 Φ 52.9 Φ 106.3

Carrying Idler
Carrying idler has corrosion resistance, strong wear resistance, good sealing
performance, long service life, and can reduce the comprehensive cost of the belt
conveyor and the maintenance time.
The idler produced by Hengguang is fully sealed, waterproof and dust-proof. The raw
materials are the special tube for idler, Tongling Sanjia bearing, people-oriented
bearing, and German imported seal ring. It has the characteristics of high
precision, long service life and reliable performance.

Transport Industrial 0.4kW Steel Gravity Roller Oil Resistant Mining Roller
0Transport Industrial 0.4kW Steel Gravity Roller Oil Resistant Mining Roller 1
Transport Industrial 0.4kW Steel Gravity Roller Oil Resistant Mining Roller
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