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Date/Time:  10/2/20 8:46 GMT

True XCORE XC7 ACF Gloss Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick - '19 Model

New for the 2019/2020 season is True Hockey’s XC7 ACF Intermediate Hockey
Stick. True looked to build upon their previous XC7 model by vastly
improving the blade and flex profile for this current iteration, making it
their most advanced stick to date. In addition to key upgrades, the key
characteristics remain the same; unmatched Accuracy, unparalleled Control,
and ultimate Feel.

The colorway of the 2019 XC7 ACF Hockey Stick is a familiar one, True’s
blue and silver colors. The True logo is located at the top third of the
shaft in a black font encapsulated by a stylish blue and silver colorway.
Moving down to the middle of the shaft we see a predominantly white and
black color scheme, followed up by a white colorway with the bold, black
True logo overtop, at the bottom third of the shaft.

For the construction of the new True XC7 ACF Hockey Stick, True utilized
their Axenic technology. This is a build process that created a true one-
piece hockey stick resulting in superior control and feel of the puck. This
construction process goes hand in hand with their SmartPly Technology. This
technology is a laminate design that is used with up to 25 inner layers of
unidirectional carbon fiber; the way the fibers are angled, and the order
of those angles are what control torsional stiffness and protect from
impact damage while maximizing performance and durability. This entire
package results in a stick that is low weight (455 grams for SR.), well-
balanced, and features top of the line impact strength.

True’s SmartFlex has been redesigned for this iteration. While the 2019 XC7
ACF Intermediate Hockey Stick is still a mid-kick stick, it can be
effectively utilized by players of all shot types. The top of the shaft is
softer to allow the player to add leverage on wrist shots and increased
feel. The shaft progressively gets stiffer as you move down towards the
blade, meaning you get a more powerful shot from any shooting position.

Perhaps the biggest upgrade for the latest version of the XC7 ACF Hockey
Stick comes within the blade by introducing their improved XCORE Gen 2
blade! The compressible urethane insert within this iteration has been
repositioned and redesigned creating a sweet spot that is 3 times larger
than its predecessor. This translates into increased absorption, improving
puck control when stick handling and receiving passes. This larger sweet
spot also helps with puck spin and trajectory resulting in unmatched
shooting accuracy.

With the Gen 2 blade and updated flex profile, the 2019 XC7 ACF Hockey
Stick is their deadliest stick to date! If you are looking for unparalleled
Accuracy, Control, and Feel, check out the TRUE XC7 ACF Intermediate Hockey

True Hockey takes extreme pride in their reputation for excellent quality
and value. True Temper Sports' TRUE sticks have a one-time replacement
warranty for breakage during normal use within 30 days of purchase. Normal
use does not include breakage due to contact with other players, skates,
sticks (slashing), boards, nets, use on asphalt or cement surfaces, etc. No
replacement will be offered in those cases. True Temper Sports will inspect
the returned product and determine if the product damage was caused by
normal use and if there is evidence of misuse, tampering, heating, abuse or
deception. The customer is responsible for all return shipping costs.

Warranty Date: The warranty date is considered effective from the date of
receipt for products sold directly to the end user through an authorized
True Temper Sports retailer.

Minimum Order: 1 pieces

True XCORE XC7 ACF Gloss Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick - '19 Model
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